SO058: Your Planner is a Focus Tool

Season 10: Planner Pep Talks

The episodes in season 10 are excerpted from a live workshop I gave in February 2018 about how to make sure your planner and planning is not a waste of time. Hint: it’s more about us than about the planner.

Get access to the whole workshop, the chat replay, and more here:

Planners That Work Workshop

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It’s a way to realistically evaluate what’s going on in your life and what you need to be doing and what you are doing and what you should be doing, because the potential of what we could do is great. And, maybe if you have your mind wrapped around what you are doing, you find that there is room for me, there is room for that creative project, there’s room for this or that, or sometimes you evaluate where you are and you think, ‘Oh, that’s why I feel crazy because I feel like I’ve got all these things going on and now I need to look through and maybe cut some things,’ so the planner is really a tool of evaluation and a tool of focus, but we are still the ones doing the work.

The planner’s not going to do any of the work for us, and the planner’s not going to make it easier to do the work either, it’s just going to make what the work is clearer, but writing things down is huge, and I think that’s the real power for having a planner sheet is just that it is written down and out of your head, because when we try to keep all the details in our head that’s where we’re bound to go crazy and feel like we can’t key above, we can’t juggle it all, and a lot of times the problem is just that all the details are in our heads and so we can’t use our heads for thinking or creative problem solutions or even doing the work because our heads are so full of just trying to keep track of the details, so we need to use the paper for what it’s good for, which is keeping track of the details and then our heads for what they are good for, which is thinking things through, coming up with solutions and maybe moving us forward.

Keeping things on paper or outside of your head at least so you don’t have to keep track of everything.

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