SO069: Busy Moms: There is No Guilt in Resting

Season 12: Finding Rest as a Homeschool Mom

This season of the Simplified Organization Audio Blog is excerpts from an hour-long live chat all about resting as a homeschool mom. Find the link below to access the replay in its entirety!


And, thank you all for the participation even before we began on what is rest. I think that we’re all, kind of, on the same page – is what it sounds like because this is what I was thinking, so I’m glad to see that we are not alone, right? It’s easy to think that when we’re at home just doing our thing, that it’s like, ‘I must be the only one that struggles with this,’ but, you’re not. This is life and it’s part of our sanctification and you’re not alone. We all have these struggles. This is just the struggle of being human and of trying to live out God’s will for us, cheerfully, and gracefully, and repent-fully. What’s the adverb form of repentance?

So, you’re going to get a lot more out of this if you follow along with pen and paper. So, even if you are folding laundry – doing something – grab a notebook, grab a pen, and work through this exercise with me. This is going to be brain dumping. As we put things onto paper it helps us collect ourselves, collect our thoughts, and achieve more calm, rather than letting all the thoughts jumble up in our heads that’s distracting and we’re trying to hold all the things in our heads we can’t use our heads to think things through, to think things out, and to come up with creative solutions to have just the mental space to problem solve.

When we put the details and our thoughts and our connections and our troubles – all those things that pop into our head – instead of letting them just keep popping into our head, if we put them down onto paper it helps us think about them, instead of just the thoughts popping up we can think about them and start to figure things out. Distraction really drains us and that’s one of the things we’ll be talking about. When we can just collect those random thoughts that pop in it helps us remain calm and clear and not worry about forgetting the needful things, even if it’s ‘I need to buy milk at the grocery store’ – it’s amazing how much those little thoughts can collect and build and really clutter up our heads.

I really hope that you get a lot of actionable ideas out of this, not necessarily because it’s advice from me but because through the process of thinking about the different categories and really doing some self-examination and some life-examination you can figure out a change that works for you and your life and your needs right now because it’s going to be different for each person – what you need to focus on and what you need to do. There’s not one right way. There’s not a one-size fits all solution at all. So, we have to be able to take responsibility for our own selves and our own lives and prayerfully and repentantly (I think that’s right) move forward from where we are to the next step that is part of our sanctification.

OK, I have three different kinds of rest that we need and then three things that we need rest from. So, we’re going to start with the different kinds of rests that we need because I think that sometimes we’re so jumbled and we’re so distracted and we’re so tired and fatigued that it feels like any rest is the right rest or a good rest. And we do need rest and some of it is good but we need to figure out the kind of rest that we are lacking and maybe it will be all three kinds but they are different types of rest. So, we have to build in these three different types of rest to our lives. And, one kind – they’ll build on each other and they’ll help each other but they’re different aspects of our lives that we do need to take and we can take them intentionally without guilt because these are clearly good things. Rest is a good thing. And these kinds of rest that we need to build into our lives are clearly in and of themselves good things.

So, if you feel currently guilty for resting because you have so much to do the thinking along the way about how these are good, perhaps even equally good as your to-do list, and some of them might be more important than some of the things on your to-do list because maybe your to-do list is full of guilt-motivation or things that don’t really need to be on there. A lot of our to-do list is just service to others and we do need to step up to our duty and rest is not opposed to doing our duty.

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A lot of our to-do list is just service to others and we do need to step up to our duty and rest is not opposed to doing our duty.

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