5 Things I Learned in May

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It’s another month! Time to pause and reflect and rejoice.

#1 – Dual enrollment paperwork isn’t that bad.

My oldest son will begin the dual enrollment program at the local community college, which means I had to enroll him in the school district. I wasn’t sure what they’d want to see for his high school work or what they’d want for paperwork, but was pleasantly surprised.

He is enrolled, and we have to continue the appropriate bureaucracy through the high school, but he’s listed in their system as homeschooled so we didn’t have to submit any transcripts or work or anything. Hans will still graduate as a homeschool student and with his AA degree (Lord willing), and his test score was proof enough for getting into that next step.

#2 – A teacher’s day out is the best way to end a school year.

We wrapped up our school year, completed our state-mandated testing, and then Kirsti and I headed out of town lickety-split. We met up with our friend Abby and had two days, one night, together hanging out, book shopping, walking, and enjoying some fabulous ice cream.

It was just a quick refresher trip, and it worked.

#3 – I can follow a Bible reading plan.

I finished the Bible Reading Challenge!

This is actually the first whole-Bible reading plan I’ve finished. I was trying to think about what was different this time and I came up with two possible reasons:

  1. I knew several other people doing it, so there was a camaraderie feeling in keeping going even when I got behind.
  2. It started in September, not January. Every other plan I’ve begun has been a January fresh resolve, which we all know tend to fizzle.

If you want to join the summer reading plan, which I will also be doing, click here to find the printable plan and get started!

#4 – Simplified Organization can be condensed into 5 practices.

Well, it was hard, and it’s not the same, but I needed a quick “Start here” course for new members to take when they first join Simply Convivial Membership, and for any member to run through whenever they need to pick the pieces back up.

At first, I tried boiling it down to 3, but I ended up at 5: 2 attitude practices and 3 planning practices. I opened the doors on it about 10 days ago and the feedback has been good. So next week I’ll do a quick run-through of those 5 practices in a free live workshop: Get Organized This Week.

Come and find out what 5 I picked!

#5 – I will keep coconut milk in my pantry after all.

In May I decluttered my pantry with a hundred or so other women as we worked through Simplified Pantry, which I’ve redone as a 6-week challenge course inside membership, I found a can of coconut milk that had been there for over a year. I don’t even remember why I bought it.

So, I wanted to use it up and get it out of pantry, but my family does not like curry – which is what most people suggested.

My sister-in-law came to the rescue, though, and suggested this recipe: Lemon Coconut Snacking Cake from NY Times.

Not only was it a good use of the coconut milk, it was worth deciding to keep coconut milk in my pantry. Highly recommended!

  1. Mamax6
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    I know it’s half way through June but I just read this and loved it. I love just about everything on this site. What I love the most is being pointed back to God. Where am I without Him? No where good. Thank you for always reminding me because I always need to be!

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