Ep. #117 – The Importance of a Homemaker

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Homemakers are important, whatever today’s culture might say to the contrary. People need homes, and homes must be made – they don’t exist by themselves. The importance of a homemaker to families and to society at large cannot be underestimated.

Homemakers may be employed elsewhere or may spend the bulk of their energies on the home and in its sphere, but either way, every home has a maker of one sort or another.

If we’re to be homemakers, let’s look at how we can be better homemakers. Let us intentionally improve our craft and increase our skill in our role.

The importance of a homemaker cannot be underestimated. People need homes, and someone must make a home if there is to be one. Homemakers are important.

When we think of homemaking, we usually think of housework, but even the dictionary tells us that homemaking is about creating and managing homes as a pleasant place to live. A pleasant place to live – not merely a clean or organized place to live – is the goal of homemaking. The importance of a homemaker cannot be overemphasized, especially in today’s cultural climate.

In today’s episode, we will look at three areas we as homemakers need to manage – not so that they are easy and effortless, but so that our homes are pleasant places to be. Whether it’s meals, chores, or hospitality, our focus needs to be on the goal if we’re going to end the day satisfied. And, yes, ending the day satisfied, IS possible.

Let’s dig in.

This episode is an audio blog recording on the post Become a Better Homemaker. When we understand the importance of a homemaker, we will be motivated to improve our abilities and skills in that role.

Homemaking is not about achieving a certain look or state in the home. Homemaking is a process, a service, of love through hospitality to those who live in and enter into our home.


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