#076: Homeschooling Middle School Boys

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Welcome to the Simply Convivial Audio blog, where we practice managing our lives with fruitful, faithful resilience, overcoming distraction and discouragement, so we can glorify God in our work and our attitudes.

Today’s audio blog is a favorite of mine from 2018. I wrote it after our local CM book club began Brandy Vencel’s Start Here Guide through Charlotte Mason’s 20 Principles. We discussed principle 1 and it struck me that we need to remember to apply our principles not only to the little ones, but continue to stretch and grow our understanding and application even as our children are stretching and growing themselves.

So, let’s dig in.

Twelve-year-olds are persons, too.

Our goal, Charlotte Mason reminds us, is not that we bend them to our will and again win a power struggle of instant obedience, but that they learn the difficult skill of reigning in their emotions, their mouth, their strength. It is their practice; they must do the work. It is their work just as much as learning history or math is their work. We can’t do it for them, and we can’t force it.

And that concludes this episode of the Simply Convivial Audio Blog. To follow up, I highly recommend sitting down with pen and paper and brain dumping what it might mean in your situation to recognize both you and each of your children are persons. A brain dump is a sanity-saving and clarity-giving practice.

Start your brain dump now with my free guide with prompts and instructions to get you decluttering your mind today!

And, in it all, remember that education begins with repentance. So, let’s Repent. Rejoice. Repeat.

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