#077: Life will change. It’s ok

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Welcome to the Simply Convivial Audio Blog, where we grow in faithfulness, cheerfulness, and resilience, staying engaged in our life at home because it’s where God has placed us to serve.

This episode comes from the Organize Your Attitude series I did in 2017 – Know that life will change. Too often we think we’re doing something wrong when our plans or systems stop working, when really life has just moved on to a new place or a new season and we need to adapt. Nothing will work for forever; adapting and growing needs to be part of our game plan, included in our expectations.

Let’s dig in.



Know that life will change.

Perhaps it seems like if you start out knowing your efforts are only temporary and not going to last, you’ll start discouraged and think it’s not worth the time you’re investing. However, it could also have the opposite effect.

And that’s it for this episode of the Simply Convivial Audio Blog. How has your life situations and needs changed recently? Complete a brain dump about it so you can make good choices moving forward.

Start your brain dump now with my free guide with prompts and instructions to get you decluttering your mind today!

And, as you learn to love what must be done, don’t forget:

Work your plan, roll with the punches, and do the right next thing.

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