#078: Life is full of entropy

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Welcome to the Simply Convivial Audio Blog, where we learn to walk more and more in fruitfulness and faithfulness in the midst of the mundane. I’m Mystie Winckler, homeschooling mother of 5, and I write and speak so that I stay thoughtfully engaged in my family duties, learn to love what must be done, and organize my attitude – and I’m glad you’re joining me.

Today’s episode is number 15 in a series called 52 Ways to Organize Your Attitude. It’s all about entropy, which turns out to be a nerdy science topic super-applicable to homemakers and mothers. Too often we try for plans, systems, or cleaning that stays static and complete – that’s frustrating because it’s not the way the world works.

Let’s dig in.

Original post:

Accept entropy as a part of life.

Everything – everything – tends toward disorder if left untouched and unmanaged. If we accept that and build in times for maintenance and upkeep of our homes, our systems, and our family, we’ll find more fulfillment and satisfaction in the work we do.

After this episode, I bet you need a brain dump to work out how entropy can shift your perspective. My free brain dump guide will help you empty your head so that you can refill and reframe with calm clarity.

Start your brain dump now with my free guide with prompts and instructions to get you decluttering your mind today!

Then remember. Life is for God’s glory, not our own.

So. Repent. Rejoice. Repeat.

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