#082: Children are persons needing education

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Welcome to the Simply Convivial Audio Blog, where we grow in faithfulness, cheerfulness, and resilience, staying engaged in our life at home because it’s where God has placed us to serve. I’m Mystie Winckler, a second-generation homeschooler now classically home educating my brood of 5, ages 15 to 6.

We’re continuing to explore foundational educational philosophy with this episode, because what we believe about humans and about education matters tremendously to our work as mothers, especially if we homeschool.

In this post I draw some more connections between classical educational philosophy and the work of Charlotte Mason. But it’s more than theory, it’s also imminently practical.


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Classically Charlotte: The nature of children

Our goal is not outward conformity, but a growth of the affections toward what is good and true and beautiful so that those strong fleshly appetites have less and less appeal and strength. And all children need that, regardless of their outward appearances, regardless of their temperaments or personalities.

And that’s it for this episode of the Simply Convivial Audio Blog. If you need a handy cheat sheet with pithy and memorable quotes to help you keep your head in the game as a homeschooling mom, then you need an Alignment Sheet. Click the link below to download a free one-page quick reference of a handful of helpful quotes on this education project we’ve undertaken.

Get started with a free attitude alignment cheat sheet that will help keep you focused on what matters:

Then remember. Life is for God’s glory, not our own. So. Repent. Rejoice. Repeat.

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