#084: When noise rubs nerves raw

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Welcome to the Simply Convivial Audio blog, where we practice managing our lives with fruitful, faithful resilience, overcoming distraction and discouragement, so we can glorify God in our work and our attitudes.

Sometimes the days are long and loud and trying, particularly when everyone is small and needy. Today’s post is one a wrote a number of years ago when no one was double-digits yet. It’s an intense time, and yet it’s also a fleeting time, it turns out. Still, we need strategies for surviving the moment.

Let’s dig in.

Original post:

Nerves as raw as meat in a butcher’s window

The point is not try harder. No matter how the movie scene went, inspiring words rarely actually lift us up out of raw nerves. Certainly, though, we must make sure we are looking at the right thing. Telling ourselves the right story.

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All February in Convivial Circle we’ve been talking all things weekly review and I have these member tips to share with you:

Janet: “When there isn’t time for a “proper” weekly review I just answer one main question, “Am I ready for next week?” And if there’s a time I can answer “What can I do to make the next 2-3 weeks easier?””

Stefani shared: “Don’t worry about the time it takes to do the Weekly Review. These are decisions you are going to have to make anyway, so you may as well make them in a good mindset rather than by the seat of your pants later!”

Kathleen also said: “My best tip for the weekly review is to keep the tasks truly limited for the next week instead of piling on, which I am so tempted to do. Piling on prevents me from saying, “Enough,” to the work and moving on to relax and recreate to a healthy degree. Love your limits. They bring freedom!”

Katrina gave this advice: “Don’t give up. Just keep moving forward. Trying and failing is actually not failing. It’s learning what does and doesn’t work. Just take the next step.”

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