#090: Moms must muddle on.

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Welcome! We are Simply Convivial because we keep first things first and know that our attitudes, our hearts, set the tone in our homes and matter before God more than our to-do list does. Thank you for joining me.

Today’s episode is one to let you know you are not alone and pass on a bit of wisdom I knew from my own mom and also heard from Cindy Rollins: Life with toddlers just is a muddle. Roll with it; don’t fight it. In fact, as the oldest of 7 and mother of 5, I’ve lived with toddlers for over 30 years. The muddle is reality, and that’s ok.

Let’s dig in.

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How to Manage the Muddle of Daily Life

I needed an attitude change for progress to happen, but I also needed straight, raw practice. You can’t go from zero to sixty overnight in housekeeping skills. And every pregnancy and newborn seemed to roll me back down the hill I’d been trudging up.

Turns out that homemaking is a lot of work. It’s way more complicated than we expected when we first got started. More than mundane housework, we come to realize the duty we have as wives and mothers to be the atmosphere of our home. Our attitudes matter more than our housekeeping. 

That’s why in Simply Convivial Membership everything – even help with chores – begins with centering and correcting our perspective, our attitudes, and our relationship with the God who gave us the situations we’re in to steward for His glory. What He’s called us to, we can do, and it’s better to not do it alone.

Join Simply Convivial Membership not only for practical guidance in the courses for tackling your attitude and your actions, but grow in consistency in both with the companionship of likeminded women invested in the same approach. Visit Simply Convivial Membership to learn more. 

In May and June we’ll be simplifying and streamlining our pantries and menu planning techniques, together, figuring out what works for our unique families and planning and sorting and cooking accordingly. Join for a 3-month quarter at a discount of the monthly rate and tackle this important home management area with hundreds of other women in Simply Convivial Membership.

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