#094: Communication tips for teens

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Welcome! We are Simply Convivial because we keep first things first and know that our attitudes, our hearts, set the tone in our homes and matter before God more than our to-do list does. Thank you for joining me.

Last year I read a fascinating marriage book by John Gottman. His is not a Christian marriage book, but he does have a reputation as a researcher who can accurately, within minutes, predict divorce or not based on listening to a couple’s interactions. I read the book out of curiosity, and the principles he teaches in his book, The Seven Principles of Making Marriage Work, apply not only to marriage but to relationships more broadly as well.

Let’s dig in.

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What a marriage book taught me about parenting teens

As I read this book it dawned on me: This is how to form & strengthen adult-to-adult, respectful relationships. This is how to live together in love and good humor even if you don’t agree. That is what I need as a mom of teens. And if I have been doing so for seventeen years with my husband, I should be able to apply what I’ve practiced more broadly now.

Homemaking is complicated. It’s made up of so many moving pieces, all kinds of unpredictable people, and then ourselves. And we aren’t as awesome at handling it all as we thought we’d be or as we’d like to be.

We might need to give up on trying to be awesome, but we shouldn’t give up on trying to be faithful. Simply Convivial Membership is for women who want to grow in faithfulness, diligence, skill, and joy in it all, because all of life gives us opportunities to glorify God by loving others. 

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