#096: Morning Routine Magic

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Welcome to Simply Convivial, where we remember that organization is about our attitudes, expectations, and responses more than about our closets, cupboards, and calendars. I’m Mystie Winckler, wife, homemaker, classical homeschooling mom of 5, and I’ve learned in home, homeschool, and life contentment in not getting ahead and in just keeping things together. It’s not giving up; it’s recognizing that God’s plan always rightly supersedes my own.

Within Simply Convivial Membership, we just wrapped up a live accountability group working through Sweep and Smile, six weeks of mom-habit-training for our own chore routines. The most important chore routine, in my opinion – and many others’ after finishing Sweep & Smile – is the morning routine. It’s amazing what 15 minutes can do, especially before the business of the day. Today’s episode is an excerpt from the first week’s lesson inside Sweep and Smile. Enjoy, apply, and dig in!

And here’s the real kicker: The next week it stayed clean.

Instead of treating “cleaning my room” as a project, going all in, and then falling back into my normal habits, I had built a new habit: a morning routine of tidying a single space for a seemingly insignificant amount of time.

And with that habit, with that routine, my room not only gradually became clean, it also stayed cleaner.

My behavior outside the 5 minute routine began to change, too. I chose not to set something on the dresser that I knew I’d just clear again in the morning. I hung my clothes up in the evening so I wouldn’t have to use my tidying time on that. Picking something up off the floor didn’t seem like a big deal. I actually noticed what was out of place and did something about it. I knew it doesn’t take long, and I knew I’d do it soon anyway – why not now?

This is the magic of a morning and an evening routine: 3 tasks in the morning and 3 tasks in the evening that keep your home ready for the action of life, of the day.

There are no secret 3 things everyone should do every morning to have a wonderful day. But when you find your own 3, the magic is in the doing of them, every morning, without fail.

Suddenly, we have traction. We have momentum. We have consistency. Instead of barely keeping our heads above water, we start to see progress – without accomplishing all that’s on our list.

Clearing the counters and getting the laundry going and making your bed might make up your morning three. 5 minutes for tidying my bedroom, 5 minutes for giving the bathrooms a quick swipe, and 5 minutes of kitchen-counter clearing make up my own 15 minute morning routine.

Yes, it’s important what those 3 tasks are. Choose tasks that have a big impact on the day ahead. Choose tasks that need to happen to make your home ready for action. 

We’re talking basics, not extras.

However, it’s more important that they’re short. Five minutes each should get you far – not because it’s enough to make things sparkling, but because you can get more done in a time pinch, you can get started more readily with a deadline and a clear stopping point, and you’ll see progress build over the course of your consistency, which lasts so much longer than attempted perfection on a single day.

Homemaking is complicated. It’s made up of so many moving pieces, all kinds of unpredictable people, and then ourselves. And we aren’t as awesome at handling it all as we thought we’d be or as we’d like to be.

We might need to give up on trying to be awesome, but we shouldn’t give up on trying to be faithful. Simply Convivial Membership is for women who want to grow in faithfulness, diligence, skill, and joy in it all, because all of life gives us opportunities to glorify God by loving others. 

Every course, workshop, and troubleshooting session in Simply Convivial Membership helps you learn how to align your attitude with truth, audit your situation with realistic honesty, and iterate for gradual but sure progress. Visit Simply Convivial Membership to learn more and join us for a month’s challenge, a quarter’s project, or an annual commitment to consistent growth. Simply Convivial Membership is all there, ready for you to use on your terms to serve your needs. 

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