#098: Persevere, mama!

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Welcome to Simply Convivial, where we grow in diligence and delight, learning to love what must be done. I’m Mystie Winckler, wife, mother, homeschooler, reader, writer, and project-juggler. With the hundreds of women inside Simply Convivial Membership, I am held accountable not only to taking baby step progress day by day, but also to keeping my attitude aligned with truth every step of the way. We’d love to have you join us, too.

Today’s post was inspired by something a Simply Convivial member once said that struck me as so true. It was a good jolt of truth to my own attitude, so I had to write it up as part of my series in 52 Ways to Organize Your Attitude.

Let’s dig in.

Original post:

Blaze the trail.

To blaze a trail or to lay down the rails is to intentionally decide and build the habits that we know will make our lives more effective. It will not make life easier – building the habits is hard work and paying attention and doing what’s called for in the moment requires attention and effort – but once intentional logistics become habit, then it takes less energy to maintain your equilibrium and consistency.

Homemaking is complicated. It’s made up of so many moving pieces, all kinds of unpredictable people, and then ourselves. And we aren’t as awesome at handling it all as we thought we’d be or as we’d like to be.

We might need to give up on trying to be awesome, but we shouldn’t give up on trying to be faithful. Simply Convivial Membership is for women who want to grow in faithfulness, diligence, skill, and joy in it all, because all of life gives us opportunities to glorify God by loving others. 

Every course, workshop, and troubleshooting session in Simply Convivial Membership helps you learn how to align your attitude with truth, audit your situation with realistic honesty, and iterate for gradual but sure progress. Visit Simply Convivial Membership to learn more and join us for a month’s challenge, a quarter’s project, or an annual commitment to consistent growth. Simply Convivial Membership is all there, ready for you to use on your terms to serve your needs. 

  • Learn from gospel-centered homemaking & homeschooling self-paced courses you can navigate on your own terms. Level up your plans and progress, one step at a time.
  • Find a community of likeminded women, working to find what’s important, and do it – every day.
  • Get support through ongoing conversation, discipleship, and prompts to increase your skill and your motivation as we spur one another on to love and good works.
The direction & accountability homemakers need to make noticeable progress in their home management skills.

just $18/month
(or save with a quarterly or annual plan)

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