Stay organized with a weekly review – Get Organized #4

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Once we spend some time getting organized, the next step is to stay organized. We can’t stay organized without looking at our plans and keeping our systems on track. A weekly review is my top tip for how to organize your life.

If you want to get organized and stay organized, you need time reserved to look at your lists and keep your systems up to date. Here's my top tip.

A weekly review is my secret weapon to stay organized. It’s a time reserved for big picture thinking, planning, and list making. More importantly, it’s a time to LOOK at those lists – and my calendar.

A weekly review does not need to take an hour. You can take 15 minutes to get your stuff ready for the week ahead. A weekly review is the key, the linchpin, to all other plans, all other planners, all other systems. Without it, none of the rest will work.

Someone who is organized has responsible self-control, is diligent, and likes it.

A weekly review is the key for all other planning. Without it, your plans will not work. A weekly review is time set aside for looking at your lists. It’s crazy, but it turns out that your plans, lists, and calendar will not do you any good unless you look at it.

We wrap our minds around our lives as they actually are right now so we can be prepared to handle what’s happening. We also view our upcoming obligations in light of the big picture. It helps us get focused on what needs to happen so we can enter our week with calm clarity. That’s how we stay organized.

So when is the right time to do a weekly review? Whenever you can make it happen. Sometime between Friday and Monday morning is typical, and all you need is your calendar and a piece of paper. Use your planner if you have one, but as you know from the rest of this series, you don’t need a planner to stay organized, you just need a calendar, a few lists, and the habit of looking at them.


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