123. Serve others, not yourself, to feel happy again

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We want to be happy. We do need rest.

Just remember that the world’s advice for how to become happy or how to rest will be bad advice. Although it’s good for the economy, consumerism is not restorative nor good for our souls.

Whatever we need to renew and rest, all humans have had access to for all of history. God’s built it into the system. There’s nothing you need to be a good human that was invented in the last hundred years.

Time, prayer, service, God’s Word, love – these have always been around and they are what we need to live a full, complete, happy life.

Guess what? Self-centeredness and self-indulgence is never going to make you feel better in the long term, nor will it prepare you for reentering your real life with joy.

You don’t need to treat yourself or indulge in luxuries to be happy with your life. Let’s get a grip and a game face on and find not only contentment but also joy in our real life home duties.

What will help us face our real life home duties is a measure of self-control and faithfulness, and organization helps us grow in both. If you think you need some self-care today, maybe what you really need is some organization.

This episode is a recording by Abby Wahl of her post

Self-Care Mistakes – and how service solves them

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