126. Set your mind on truth

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February is often a dreary month, a month of weariness and fatigue. So this month I have here the equivalent of a flu shot for your attitude – but even more effective and no needle. Inoculate your mindset against grumbling and discontent by reminding yourself of truth and purpose. Take control of your attitude by taking control of your thoughts.

I think our attitude is the missing link in our attempts at getting organized. So I’m excited to announce my new free download: an attitude adjustment guide.

Give your attitude the jumpstart it needs.

The podcast this month will be all about how to do just that as we consider our mindset and what to do with it. We are in charge of and responsible for our thoughts and our attitudes. We can take them in hand, repenting of sinful thoughts and bad attitudes and getting the grace and strength from God to turn our hearts to gratitude and obedience, thinking truth and rejecting falsehood.

In this episode we’ll consider why a bad attitude is a problem and I’ll explain my simple, handy hack for fixing it.

Now, let’s dig in.

What is your attitude?

Every passing feeling is not an attitude. The dictionary says than an attitude is “a settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something, typically one that is reflected in a person’s behavior.” 

However, passing feelings can become our attitudes if we nurture them and keep them around. That’s why it’s important to reject false feelings and cultivate those based on truth and love.

Our actions are produced from our thoughts and feelings: our heart. Self-control – a fruit of the Spirit – includes controlling our thoughts & feelings as well as our actions. 

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