120. Self care for stay at home moms (it isn’t what you think it is)

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Moms are told all over social media and advertisements that we need more self-care. It’s true that we become easily wearied, easily overwhelmed, easily frustrated – and a break sounds too good to be true. Self-care for stay at home moms seems like a reasonable solution.

But the break we actually need to overcome the weariness, the overwhelm, the frustration might be different from a day out or a day off.

If a day out or a day off is not happening anytime soon for you, don’t worry. That’s probably not what you actually need to find relief and satisfaction in your life.

Self care for stay at home moms

January’s podcasts are all about so-called self-care. Now, self-care in medical terms refers to your ability to do basic things like brush your teeth and use the bathroom by yourself. But when the internet tells you that you need self-care, that’s not usually what they mean. In fact, a CNN article about trends for 2020 outright said that self-care on social media means luxuriating.

You don’t need to treat yourself or indulge in luxuries to be happy with your life. Let’s get a grip and a game face on and find not only contentment but also joy in our real life home duties. Stay turned this month on the podcast for more on getting real with self-care.

Plus, stay tuned to the end of the episode to learn about a free workshop on setting goals for 2020 – no sign-up required.

But for now, let’s dig in.

Episode #120: Self care for stay at home moms

This episode is an audio blog for the post

It takes work to rest.

Read the post.

REAL Goal-Setting for Moms

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