We don’t have to be trapped by the whims of our moods. We can choose our attitudes, repent of our whining, and cheer up – because God gives us the grace and strength to do so.

The Best Character Building Program
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“Mommy! He hit me!” “But he was being annoying!” How easy is it to start barking out the orders: “You, don’t tattle.” “You, don’t lie.” “You, don’t hit.” “You, mind your own business.” …and then... Read More

Roll with the punches.
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Organize your attitude #16 The tagline I repeat over and over again in Work the Plan is Work the plan. Roll with the punches. Do the right next thing. What does it mean to roll... Read More

Have a good cry.
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Organize your attitude #40 To organize our attitudes does not mean to “buck up,” “get over it,” or “plaster on a smile.” Organizing our attitudes is not positive-thinking changing reality. Organizing our attitude is recognizing... Read More

Choose a growth mindset.
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How to organize your attitude #1 I am so excited. In 2016 I am going to be writing one post a week about tactics for organizing our attitudes. Each one will be a single, bite-sized... Read More

Our job is to feed people.
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It’s so easy to feel worn down by our work in the home. The work is always needing to be done again, over and over, day after day. Won’t it ever stop?
 Do you want... Read More

Becoming a lifelong learner.
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This started off as an introduction to my talk at the Learning Well retreat, but grew too unwieldily. It got the ax in my presentation, but now finds a home here. Learn more about the... Read More

Find out what it means to organize your attitude

…and why it matters