Is it even allowed for homeschool moms to not enjoy reading aloud?

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The truth is, reading aloud is a skill that I don’t have. I have zero flair for the dramatic, and I can’t read ahead with my eyes while speaking clearly with my mouth.

I use audio books because the professional readers don’t merely read the story aloud, they add style and zest and interest and even interpretation – a story read aloud by a good reader makes more sense than one read straight or even silently.

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After 7 years of homeschooling and over 9 of using audio books, I’m actually much improved in my own ability to read aloud. I am decent with poetry and nonfiction now, but I still flunk out if multiple voices come into the picture.

What’s even more incredible to me is how dramatically my children can read aloud. Because their dad does do voices so well, they want to. Because they’ve heard so many well-read, well-acted stories, their mind’s ear has options to bring forth.

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You don't have to enjoy reading aloud in order to have a read aloud family culture - just use audio books!

Sarah Mackenzie, of Read-Aloud Revival fame, hosted me on her podcast in November in a conversation all about audio books. It was a lot of fun, and I hope it will help those parents who feel guilty because they don’t enjoy reading aloud. Your kids can still have all the benefits; you can still make it work: You don’t have to be the one doing the reading in order to build your family culture around books.


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What are your favorite audio books?