How to Organize a Brain Dump

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All the time I tell people to “write it down, right away” – that is, to do mini brain dumps all day long, whenever something pops up that we need to remember. Our minds are unreliable reminder-ers – we need a system for not losing track of our ideas and our commitments. And all the time I hear women wonder how to organize a brain dump because the mess of information feels overwhelming. Before we tackle organizing a brain dump, … Read More

#077: Life will change. It’s ok

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Welcome to the Simply Convivial Audio Blog, where we grow in faithfulness, cheerfulness, and resilience, staying engaged in our life at home because it’s where God has placed us to serve. This episode comes from the Organize Your Attitude series I did in 2017 – Know that life will change. Too often we think we’re doing something wrong when our plans or systems stop working, when really life has just moved on to a new place or a new season … Read More

#076: Homeschooling Middle School Boys

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Welcome to the Simply Convivial Audio blog, where we practice managing our lives with fruitful, faithful resilience, overcoming distraction and discouragement, so we can glorify God in our work and our attitudes. Today’s audio blog is a favorite of mine from 2018. I wrote it after our local CM book club began Brandy Vencel’s Start Here Guide through Charlotte Mason’s 20 Principles. We discussed principle 1 and it struck me that we need to remember to apply our principles not … Read More

#075: Set Your Mind – Intentionally.

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Welcome to the Simply Convivial Audio Blog, where we learn to walk more and more in fruitfulness and faithfulness in the midst of the mundane. I’m Mystie Winckler, homeschooling mother of 5, and every day I’m staying engaged in my family duties, learning to love what must be done, and organizing my attitude – because it needs it more than my closets. I’m glad you’ve joined me for this episode on how to set your mind on things that are … Read More

Simplified organization for the new year

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Does your new year need more organization? What about simplified organization? Now, notice I didn’t capitalize it – I don’t even necessarily mean my course. I’d like to explain what I mean when I say simplified organization, because I’ve received some comments and emails that make it clear there are many opinions about organization – and what “counts” as organization – out there. When I poke fun at labeled containers in closets, it’s not because it’s wrong or bad to … Read More

#074: Organize your attitude: a conversation with Virginia Lee

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Welcome to a new year and a new plan for the Simply Convivial Audio blog – also known as the Simplified Organization and the Convivial Homeschool audio blogs. Last year I merged my two blogs into one and so it seems fitting that this year I merge the two podcasts into one. Every week a new audio blog post will publish on Mondays – no seasons, no themes, just another 10ish minute short but meaty focus session to help you … Read More

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