Making a Convivial Home: Dinner Helper

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Sometimes “purposeful” and “intentional” can turn into “taking oneself too seriously.” Anything that doesn’t go as planned (and isn’t that usually most things?) is a temptation to discouragement or at least to the laser-eye of analysis. Instead, it might just be a reminder that God is in charge and we are not, and we need to be willing to laugh at ourselves. Here is one way I have tried to introduce quality, relationship-building time into our days. Dinner Helper My … Read More

Lemonade Taste Test & Comparison

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A book that I am sure will make it onto my Top 10 for 2012 is Make the Bread, Buy the Butter by Jennifer Reece, also known as The Tipsy Baker. In it she writes engagingly and humorously about her year-long project to compare the quality and cost of store-bought and homemade foods. It doesn’t always come out in favor of the homemade. As I read I was struck with the desire not only to try out many of her … Read More

Digital Home Management “Binder”: Daily Docket

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Home Management Binder, Control Journal, Household Notebook: It doesn’t matter what you call it, having it helps keep all the tasks involved in homemaking in front of your face when you need them to be, but off your mind when you don’t. It’s usually done with paper, but can it be adapted for the technologically savvy? Or at least the technology-owner? Can it be done with an iPad, Netbook, smartphone, iPod Touch? It certainly can. Series to Date Introduction Calendar … Read More

Capturing Contentment: Pantry Organization

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This was pantry week for Simple Mom‘s Project Simplify, and Auntie Leila asked us to post something about making dinnertime smoother or nicer. A nice dovetail. Real The state of my pantry. The result of my clumsiness during “organization”: Funny I thought I had a fairly purged pantry, after all my efforts toward simplification in this area. Yet I found this bottle lurking in my pantry: It must be at least 5-6 years old, and I’ve only ever used about … Read More

Simplified Homemade Biscuits | Square Biscuits – Easy Recipe

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Biscuits make a lovely side dish for dinner. Sometimes, however, the mess and effort involved seems a bit much. Over the years, I’ve developed a streamlined biscuit that reduces the time and mess. Quick buttermilk substitute Buttermilk makes the best biscuit, but I pretty much never have real buttermilk on hand. Instead of buying separate buttermilk, adding a splash of lemon juice or vinegar to the milk and letting it sit for 3-5 minutes yields a perfectly acceptable substitute. Personally, … Read More

Seven Laws of Teaching Your Own: Law of the Lesson – Simply Convivial

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One statement from the book that I think summarizes his view well was this: “The work of education, contrary to the common understanding, is much more the work of the pupil than of the teacher.” Gregory’s goal is neatly contained in this paragraph from his introduction: The teacher with these clearly in view will observe more easily and estimate more intelligently the real progress of his pupils. He will not be content with a dry daily drill which keeps his … Read More

Making a Convivial Home: Lighten Up

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I don’t know if this has ever happened to you, but it has to me often. A parent relates a disobedient or otherwise disciplinable antic of their child, and comments, “I had to leave the room because I couldn’t help laughing.” Nine times out of ten I simply can’t relate; I find myself giving a blank stare or a forced “Heh, heh, yeah.” I almost never have that problem. With a small toddler who is cute but testing defiance, perhaps … Read More

Menu Plan Monday: Second Week in March

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Monday Breakfast: granola Lunch: flatbread & hummus, pears Snack: pretzels Dinner: meatballs, rice, spinach salad Tuesday Breakfast: granola Lunch: rice, broccoli, cheese Snack: pretzels Dinner: flatbread, *pulled pork, spinach salad Wednesday Breakfast: muffins Lunch: w/ friends Snack: pretzels Dinner: *ham & veggie frittata, sweet bread Thursday Breakfast: granola Lunch: flatbread, hummus, pears Snack: pretzels Dinner: ham & split pea soup, salad Friday Breakfast: granola Lunch: flatbread grilled with cheese Snack: pretzels Dinner: *foil-packet fish, salad This post linked at Meals … Read More

Simplified Dinners eBook Winners! – Simply Convivial

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Ok, so, um, 6 entries is a far cry from 500, but that’s ok! Thank you to all those who entered! The randomly-chosen winners are TBaer Simone Anna Congratulations! You’ll be receiving your link to download your copy shortly. And for those of you who did not win but would like a copy, you still get a prize: a discount code! During the checkout process, simply enter convivial to receive $4 off! That’s almost 50%! That code will work through … Read More

Easy Recipe Variations on Basic No-Knead Bread

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The essential recipe for no-knead artisan bread can also be the base for several delectible variations. Proceed with the base recipe as directed, but make the following additions when stirring together the dough. Whole-Wheat Use up to half whole-wheat flour in the dough. Cranberry-Walnut Whole-Wheat Substitute 1/2-3/4 the flour with whole-wheat flour Stir in 1/2 cup roughly chopped walnuts & 1/2 cup dried cranberries This is a great breakfast bread! Roasted Garlic or Caramelized Onion Roast a head of garlic … Read More

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