Commonplacing for Moms: 10 Tips to Get Started

A commonplace is a notebook for keeping favorite quotes, inspiring ideas, or thoughtful notes. It’s a highly individual practice that has been used by “keepers” of all walks of life for nearly as long as the means to conveniently and cheaply read and write have been available. It’s making a resurgence in the classical education world as well as the Charlotte Mason community because both recognize that learning is a process of the student’s mind acting on the material. Choosing … Read More

Read a novel.

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Organize your attitude #41 Yes, read a novel. It doesn’t even have to be a Great Book. Just a story. Get out of your own particulars, relate to someone else, and gain perspective. When we read novels, we are able to see the world from another point of view, experience different settings and lifestyles and circumstances, and are better able to see how small circumstances build into a big picture – into a story. I’ve shared before how it was … Read More

Assigned reading, free reading, and raising readers

My husband and I were both homeschooled and both read many books. My husband has many WWII facts memorized not from drilling or from chanting, but from reading and rereading and rereading his favorite books as a child. I read mostly Christian romance twaddle with a side of cookbooks and everything L.M. Montgomery. But after my first couple English literature classes (which I took at the community college while I was 16 & 17), I couldn’t go back to the … Read More