Homemaking: what it means and how to do it better

Is homemaking old-fashioned and outdated? Do you picture a woman with a flirty apron and heels, hair neatly bobbed, red lips smiling? Is that a homemaker? Homemakers have looked like many things in the history of man, and few of them wore heels. In fact, we must remember that those pictures come to us from advertisers trying to sell us something – an ideal. That picture is just as false as the have-it-all-together career-woman-who-can-also-spend-quality-time-with-her-kids image television promotes today. For a … Read More

How to Declutter Your Mind

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We all know the feeling. Your head is spinning; your mind is in overdrive. You try to multitask, putting out a fire here and remembering something else halfway though. We jump from one task to the next, not always finishing one before starting another. You might call the feeling overwhelm or craziness or even panic. I have a solution: a brain dump. It’s simple, but surprisingly successful at calming internal chatter and chaos. Whether you’ve never tried this practice or … Read More

Email Detox: How to Empty Your Inbox

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Shhh. You can tell me. I won’t judge. I promise. How many emails are in your inbox?

 How many of them are unread? Now, lean in. Let me share a secret in return: email in your inbox creates stress. If you’re looking to calm the stress and the mess in your head, one quick (yes, quick, I promise!) and simple place to start is by taming your email inbox. Not only will it be a small win that helps you … Read More

When Organization Falls Apart: 6 Steps to Recovery

The year is winding down to a close. How are you doing? How is the state of your house? 

Illness strikes, an all-consuming project is due, guests come and go, daily life moves ever forward without stopping to clean up after itself. We all have periods where things slide and chaos takes over. No matter how good our routines are, there are times that they slip. Everyone in the family gets a stomach bug. There’s a flurry of trips and … Read More

Functional Housecleaning, Not Sensational Housecleaning

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She stood in the kitchen. Dinner was over, and the evidence of this fact was everywhere she turned. Dishes Messy counters Dirty table Sticky floor Food to put away still out Where to even begin? It felt overwhelming. Could it wait until tomorrow? When could she say she was done? How soon could she put her feet up at the end of the day? Did the kitchen have to be sparkling clean before bedtime or could she walk away when … Read More

When other people mess up your organization

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If there are kids in your house, you know the feeling. There is a certain chest-tightening that happens when you find the toddler has pulled out all the folded towels, or when the preschooler has left a soapy trail of toilet paper and water from the bathroom to the kitchen. Then there’s the headache when the noise and activity level is so crazy that there’s no way you can focus on finding homes for all the piles of random things. … Read More

How Can I Take a Sabbath? Surviving a Day of Rest as Mom.

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Really, it’s pretty amusing when you step back and think about it. Here we are, mothers of bustling families, running around like crazies all week, wishing for time off or a day out, and griping in our own heads about the amount of work there is to do. Sunday comes, the 10 Commandments are read, and we think, “Well, God didn’t actually mean one of those. There’s no way I can take a day off.” Sure enough, the thing you … Read More

How to organize your life – for moms

When you want to get organized where do you turn? A quick browse on Pinterest or a flip through the magazine at the dentist office leads us to assume that the way to organize life is to use chalkboard labels on baskets, which line every shelf in every closet. Someone who has achieved this feat has earned the badge, “Organized!” Of course, then there’s the spice jars to label and arrange alphabetically, even if you have twelve but only use … Read More

Our job is to feed people.

It’s so easy to feel worn down by our work in the home. The work is always needing to be done again, over and over, day after day. Won’t it ever stop?
 Do you want it to? Of course not. Not really. To wish it all to stop is a death wish – and nowhere is that more clearly seen than in our most basic of tasks – feeding people. What happens when people don’t eat? They die. Feeding people … Read More

Your Calendar Is Your Most Important Organization Tool

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When you want to get your life organized, what’s the first step? 

If you’ve been around here for any length of time, you know the first step is always a brain dump. But then, once you have a brain dump that fills an entire notebook, where do you begin? What do you do with all that? Where does it go. There are 5 important bins you need before you can start sorting and processing that brain dump, but the one … Read More

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