124. 3 Surprising Reasons to Organize Your Life

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Guess what? Self-centeredness and self-indulgence is never going to make you feel better in the long term, nor will it prepare you for reentering your real life with joy. January’s podcasts are all about self-care: what it is and what it isn’t. In the medical world, self-care refers to those tasks a caregiver must do for someone, whether it’s a caregiver to an injured or ill adult or a mother to an infant. But when the internet tells you that … Read More

123. Serve others, not yourself, to feel happy again

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We want to be happy. We do need rest. Just remember that the world’s advice for how to become happy or how to rest will be bad advice. Although it’s good for the economy, consumerism is not restorative nor good for our souls. Whatever we need to renew and rest, all humans have had access to for all of history. God’s built it into the system. There’s nothing you need to be a good human that was invented in the … Read More

What’s Working Now: Post-It Planner

Ah, the constant struggle to find or create the perfect planning system. How many of us spend more time tweaking and changing our planner than actually using it? A post-it planner has been my personal solution for the last few months, and I want to share how it’s working for me. We spend so much time playing with our planner that we begin to think that is using it. But we’re actually using our planner when what’s written there – … Read More

122. Choose self-control instead of self-care

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When terms used to clarify things for a particular group go mainstream, co-opted by hashtags and memes, no one (except the marketers) are served. Self-care is one such term. We ought to be teaching our children to care for themselves and not need permanent nannies. We ought to care in particular ways for those who can’t care for themselves. Both assume the fact that self-care is a thing: it’s tending to your basic needs. Caretakers and those in highly needy … Read More

Using a Planner to Stay Organized

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How many planners have you tried using in your adult life? The number is likely more than one. When you’re trying to figure out how to organize your life, you assume it will take a planner, but why does it never seem to stick or to work? Using a planner to stay organized seems to not work for you. It’s frustrating. The truth is that we tend to focus more on the pages and boxes in our planners or the … Read More

121. Spiritual Self-Care (and self-discipline, too)

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It is true that our selves do need care. We are not invincible. We are not infinite. We are not indefatigable. However, more than our bodies need care because we are more than our bodies. When you feel the need for rest and renewal, remember that both come not by indulgence or through merely physical means. When we forget that we are souls, spiritual beings in need of spiritual things, we go looking in all the wrong places for the … Read More

120. Self care for stay at home moms (it isn’t what you think it is)

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Moms are told all over social media and advertisements that we need more self-care. It’s true that we become easily wearied, easily overwhelmed, easily frustrated – and a break sounds too good to be true. Self-care for stay at home moms seems like a reasonable solution. But the break we actually need to overcome the weariness, the overwhelm, the frustration might be different from a day out or a day off. If a day out or a day off is … Read More

118. Old-Fashioned Homemaking

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Homemaking has fallen on hard times for the last hundred or more years. Though its been devalued by our culture, in reality, it has not lost any value to the family. Homemakers don’t need to be full-time to be vital to their families and to the whole world and society at large.  Homemaking is not about achieving a certain look or state in the home. Homemaking is a process, a service of love through hospitality to those who live in … Read More

Ep. #117 – The Importance of a Homemaker

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Homemakers are important, whatever today’s culture might say to the contrary. People need homes, and homes must be made – they don’t exist by themselves. The importance of a homemaker to families and to society at large cannot be underestimated. Homemakers may be employed elsewhere or may spend the bulk of their energies on the home and in its sphere, but either way, every home has a maker of one sort or another. If we’re to be homemakers, let’s look … Read More

Why a gratitude list will get you nowhere.

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You can hardly find a planner these days that doesn’t direct you to write down three things you’re grateful for every day. Does a gratitude list actually make anyone more productive? I’ve written before that gratitude makes us more productive, but it’s not universally true. Your gratitude list only makes a difference if it’s true gratitude. The dictionary definition of both gratitude and thanks confirms it: Thanksgiving must be directed to a person. If it’s not addressed to someone, it … Read More

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