How to Build a Housework Framework

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Everything has a framework, whether it’s conscious or not.   The government’s framework is the Constitution.   Our education’s framework is made of our core principles.   A computer software framework is the basic functionality before the frills and features.   And our housework needs a framework just as much as anything else we do or use. We need to have an underlying structure that gives shape to our days and support to our sanity. Without a framework, we’re sloppy, … Read More

Share the load.

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Organize your attitude #46 “No, I’ll do it.” We often associate these words with two-year-olds, eager to enter the larger world and assert their independence. However, too often mothers are the ones saying it – perhaps not in so many words, but by their actions. Would you rather do it yourself? #089: Why we need friends Of course we can do things better and faster than our children, but they need to gain experience by helping out. They need to … Read More

How to Juggle Housework & Homeschooling

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It’s a truth universally acknowledged that a homeschool mom in possession of a large family must be in want of a housekeeper. That’d be nice, wouldn’t it? Some families can actually swing it, but most of us are on our own when it comes to keeping up with both school and home. Of course we can bring the kids on board, and sometimes husbands can lend a hand, but there’s still a lot to do. Our homeschool year is over, … Read More

3 Ways to Make Hospitality a Habit

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So, we know that our home is for hospitality, but it seems so hard – it’s extra, and we have no room for extra. The one thing that makes hospitality so difficult is that we are out of practice. It is easy to slip into selfish patterns: doing what needs to be done on our own agendas, taking a break, keeping to ourselves and our own thoughts. Instead, we need to practice the habit of hospitality. The habit of hospitality … Read More

Organize your purse.

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Organize your attitude #45 When we start feeling overwhelmed, crazy, and beat down by all the little things we’re trying to deal with in life, one of the best strategies to get out of our heads and out of our funks is to find the closest, easiest, small win. A small quick win will give us that “Ta-Da!” feeling in a jiffy, lifting us up and reminding us that we are not losers after all. One of my go-to small, … Read More

Why Kids Need Chores

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Do your kids have chores? Do they do more than clean up their own rooms and their own messes? Are you preparing them in both habit and mindset to be helpers? I think it is healthy for children to have daily chores so that they are accustomed to the routine upkeep life requires and so that they mature in responsibility and skill apart from academic work. Daily chores give children a leg-up in life in three key ways. Kids Need … Read More

Take a photo.

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Organize your attitude #44 In this series we’ve been looking at short and simple actions that can help us recover our resilience and choose to tell a true story instead of a self-pitying story. One such action might just be to pull out your camera. Taking a photo is pushing the pause button. Sometimes we get so caught up in the nitty gritty details, doing this, cleaning that, nagging here, pestering there, that we completely miss the overall story being … Read More

Wear an apron.

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Organize your attitude #43 Can an accessory change your attitude?

 Sure! For one, an apron can make it feasible to get dressed each day – which we’ve already established helps our attitudes – by protecting those clothes from messy work. But also, an apron helps us set a tone and a mood. It can become a cue, telling us, “Now it’s time to get into dinner-prep mode” or “Now it’s time to go on a cleaning whirlwind.” In a way, … Read More

Home is for Hospitality

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I heaved a heavy sigh. A quick glance around the living room showed that children had been here. Books stacked haphazardly on the shelves and side table, papers peeping from under the couch, toys strewn – life had here been lived. A move into the kitchen didn’t help. Dishes. Crumbs. Smears on the fridge and stovetop. So much to do. And it’s not just that it needed to be done. The real discouragement was that even if I did do … Read More

Have a grocery route.

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Organize your attitude #42 We need to feed people, one way or another. Often the part that really crimps our style and our attitude is the grocery shopping component. Sales? Freshness? List? Menu plan? So many considerations are at play while we make a million decisions with every step along the aisle. Grocery shopping is something that must be done, but would be better done efficiently and as infrequently as we can manage. A little upfront thinking and stratagems can … Read More

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