How Simplified Organization Will Help You

About a year ago I started writing an ebook that I thought would simply be an expanded and improved GTD for Homemakers. The more I got into it, the more I thought an ebook really wasn’t the best way to present the material. How many ebooks do I have just sitting on my hard drive? eBooks inspire, but they aren’t handy when you want one specific piece of information or encouragement from them. After talking it over with my husband, … Read More

5 Days, 5 Essentials: 5 Ways to Stay Healthy

Our health is an essential component of our productivity and organization. This week I’ll be sharing 5 lists of 5 small baby steps you can make to up your game this school year and start off on the right foot. When it comes to the affect on the family, the state of the house is much less important than the state of the mother. We must take care of our health if we want to be of service to others. … Read More

5 Days, 5 Essentials: 5 Ways to Keep a Clean House

This week I’ll be sharing 5 lists of 5 baby steps – small wins – you can make to improve your upcoming school year and start off on the right foot. I don’t know how many lists I’ve made over the years about cleaning routines. I think I’ve tried all the plans out there. Trying them all (and never sticking with any of them) taught me over the years what they all had in common and what I needed to … Read More

Dread the end of summer?

It’s the Monday of a new month. A fresh week in a fresh month! For many of us, August is a month of either beginning school or getting ready to begin school. It is a month of both vacation and of returning to regular routine. It is, therefore, a month of tension and conflict between these two parts of our lives: summer break & workaday life. If you’re torn between these two, or are mourning to see the season of … Read More

Review Required: Evening

The habit of an evening review wraps up your day and brings peace. We often spend a lot of upfront time making a plan, getting it just right, getting the ready for it. And then, when the time comes to put it into place we start strong but quickly fizzle out. It’s easy to think that the problem was a bad plan. But often it’s bad habits, not bad planning. If we want to consistently work our plans, we have … Read More

Start Strong! Choose your focus.

The beginning of a week is so fresh and hopeful. I always start off Monday morning feeling like this week I’m totally going to rock the week, my life, everything. It’s a small fresh start, and I like to start off with a bang. Yes, then I end up finishing with a fizzle. It’s a good idea before the week gets started to identify the main project this week. What is the most important project this week in your life? … Read More

Interval Planning: Don’t Skip the Rest Period

Breaking up your year into intervals is a simple way to sharpen your focus and stay engaged with projects and the things that need to be done to keep life at home rolling along. Instead of looking ahead over an entire year and making goals, try looking only at the next six weeks. What has to happen in the next six weeks? That’s a lot more clear usually. The truth is, you don’t know what your life will be like … Read More

Simplified Organization Video Tutorial: Best Collaboration Apps

As you can tell from today’s hangout, collaboration and apps are two topics that Mystie and I love to chat about. Apps are the modern-day village well for moms who have chosen to stay at and work from home. Alone in the burbs, we can use tools like Facebook, Voxer, and Google to connect, complete projects, brainstorm, and get creative — all without leaving hearth and home. This past year I have collaborated on starting a classical homeschool co-op, running … Read More

Realistic Goal Setting: Interval Training

Often when we plan out our goals, we think in year-long chunks of time, either personal goals in January or academic goals in August. If you’ve ever done this, perhaps you’ve noticed that it’s really difficult to keep those goals. A cycle I’m familiar with goes like this: Commit to a huge life-overhaul, personal transformation sort of goal for the year. Go for it gung-ho for two or three weeks in January. Burn out in February. Forget about it in … Read More

Ubiquitous Capture: Write It Down Right Away

When does the brilliant idea strike? When do you remember you’re desperately low on milk? It’s rarely when you’re actually sitting down, pen in hand, to make a relevant list. But if you don’t write it down right away, it’s gone. Hence, the need for ubiquitous capture. Ubiquitous capture is a term from David Allen’s Getting Things Done that basically means you should always have a way to write down, right away, any information you need to have rather than … Read More

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