Gratitude will make you more productive

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Why do we do what we do? Sometimes, an end result can look the same even when the motivations behind the action are opposite. We might be cleaning our kitchen to impress guests. Our motivation is to look good, to appear other than we are, to have our guests think highly of us. We clean because we are thinking of what others might think or say of us. We might be cleaning our kitchen to keep up our pride. Our … Read More

Budgeting time for rest and renewal

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So, I’ve written about why time budgets are important and helpful and also shared the details of my own. It’s so easy to fill out that spreadsheet or piece of paper with an idealistic frame of mind that does not account for the realities of working out a plan in a house full of people. To keep your time budget in touch with real life, keep in mind these three factors. Budget Margin To make your time budget work better, … Read More

What’s the difference between a plan that works and a plan that frustrates?

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I think we’ve all experienced the confusion and frustration of trying to get our lives organized and under control, but feeling like we’re missing a piece somewhere. I personally can’t stand feeling that way, so I set out to determine what the essential pieces were and how I’d handle them. Then if it didn’t work, I’d know the problem was me and not the plan. It was time for me to stop creating new planning routines and methods and stick … Read More

Organize with the end in mind

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I think we all want a little more sanity, right? Beginning with the end in mind is essential to not driving ourselves crazy. Unless we know the direction we’re going, we never know if we’re making good choices or on the right path. So we fall prey to self-doubt, stress, worry, and simply spinning our wheels going nowhere. While we might see the need to begin with the end in mind in big areas of responsibility like homemaking and homeschooling, … Read More

What making my bed taught be about goals.

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The backstory I was a child who hated making my bed and got away with leaving it undone as often as I could manage. I hated pointless work, and what is more pointless than making a bed you’re just going to get in and mess up again at the end of the day? Yes, this attitude was a terrible one to go into motherhood and homemaking with, and all those childhood and adolescent years of insisting that such things were … Read More

Why do we make plans when they rarely work out?

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All my writing time and energy has been spent in my upcoming video training: Work the Plan. So, I decided to both roll with that and yet not neglect posting by simply sharing some of that writing here with you as a sort of preview. The following is about half of the script I wrote for the introduction video to Work the Plan , and I think it addresses something that any planner-type will resonate with. Listen to this post! … Read More

3 Steps for a Morning Review

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A morning review creates a power-start to your day. The process I recommend will take you less than 10 minutes, but it will give you peace and clarity about the day ahead of you and what you can reasonably accomplish. The best time to do a morning review is before the children are up and awake, while the house is peaceful and quiet and the day has not yet begun in earnest. However, that is not always possible. When, for … Read More

You are in charge of your choices.

I recently finished Sally Clarkson’s new book, Own Your Life. The Clarksons are authors of one of my favorite homeschooling books, especially for starting out with young kids: Educating the Whole-Hearted Child. Owning your life is hard work and there are no easy answers. Sally Clarkson writes about how to be in charge of your life – not in a way that is controlling and self-seeking or self-aggrandizing, but in a way that sees that choices have consequences. We are … Read More

Moms, Set Up a Task Management App

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I wrote last week about how to choose a task management program if you’re looking to move toward paperless home organization. Too often we try to remember all the plates we’re trying to spin just in our heads. This causes a lot more stress than we realize. Our minds are not the best reminder system. Our minds are much better used for thinking, processing, deciding, creating – but when we use our minds as a reminder container, then there’s not … Read More

How to choose a task management app

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There are so many to-do list apps out there, and most of the recommendations and advice about them is geared for the business executive that it’s easy to think they are overkill for a mom at home. But moms at home are managers. We keep so many balls rolling! We need some way to keep track of our responsibilities also. After using digital apps instead of paper for over 5 years now, I’ve figured out what features to look for … Read More

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