Our Time Budget & Flow Chart for Summer Term

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Today is the first day of school for us. We wrapped up our last year in early May, so we’ve been eight weeks without lessons and, worse, eight weeks without structure. I always have good intentions going into summer that we will still stick to some sort of routine that will keep us all stable, but it never happens. Summer break is a break, and it probably should be. It’s probably good for us all that we start a new … Read More

Seeking Leisure & Scholé

I am currently in the midst of the summer teacher class “Bringing Scholé to the Home & Homeschool,” taught by Dr. Christopher Perrin. He’s been assigning chapters from The Liberal Arts Tradition and Leisure, the Basis of Culture, and though I’ve read both books before, it’s been excellent to revisit Leisure (it’s been years since I last read it) with the opportunity to discuss it with others and to see how The Liberal Arts Tradition is putting legs on the … Read More

Classical Homeschool Plan for Summer Term 2015 – Simply Convivial

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I always want to kick off the new year in full gear, full speed, full throttle. Turns out that approach drives the whole venture straight off the cliff, and fast. It was two years ago my friend pretty much forced me to ease into my schedule by saying we shouldn’t start our lesson-trading mini-co-op until September, even if our year-round schedule begins in July. I went along with that suggestion, but it hadn’t been my idea – if we’re going … Read More

Seventh Grade Homeschool Plans

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Wow. Somehow the years have added up and we’re at seventh grade. Crazy times. Sixth is the beginning of middle school, but last year it seemed best to keep on keepin’ on with the way we’d been doing things. Now we’re at 7th and it is time to change things up and move this budding young man up a notch. There’s always room and time to tweak as we go based on how long this work actually ends up taking … Read More

The How & Why of Our Classical Morning Time

Morning Time, or Circle Time at our house, is the very heart of our homeschool practices. Every morning we come together and recite beautiful words and beautiful truths together, centering our day and work on Truth, Goodness, and Beauty from the beginning. We’ve been doing Circle Time from the time my oldest was 5, over 7 years ago. It’s evolved and grown over the years, but it’s remained the essential ingredient that has kept us focused on what’s truly important. … Read More

Revel in Repetition :: @ ladydusk – Simply Convivial

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Dawn’s word of the year for 2015 is revel, and she’s lined up a guest poster a month to write about reveling in different aspects of life. Today is my post about reveling in repetition. How funny. If I had seen a peek 10 years ago that this would have been a pet topic of mine, I think I would have keeled over and never gotten back up (too repetitious, this standing back up). Repetition. Doesn’t it just make you … Read More

What are the liberal arts?

I am almost done reading The Liberal Arts Tradition, but I know I have at least two more posts in me for this one. I feel like I understand the liberal arts aspect of classical education so much better now, and that foundational understanding makes it easier to make choices come spring curriculum-planning time. I so much appreciate how the authors draw out classical education as a stream with each section. They cover each liberal art (and everything else they … Read More

Following the Liberal Arts Path – Simply Convivial

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I am trying to hold myself back from devouring The Liberal Arts Tradition. Going back to craft a post around a particular thought is helping me slow down and process what I’m reading, so there will be several more posts about this book. Next up, in fact, I will try my hand at summarizing their definitions of each of the seven liberal arts. I’ve never been so compelled by the list as I have been in their treatment of each … Read More

Learning the Liberal Arts Tradition

Ok. When I asked what education book I should read next, the overwhelming response was The Liberal Arts Tradition, and you all did not steer me wrong. Between Consider This, The Liberal Arts Tradition, and The Living Page, I feel ready to tackle planning 7th grade for next year. You better believe my quotes for the next few weeks will be from this brief but packed little book. I am an English major and love the language arts emphasis of … Read More

Virtue is given to us | Wednesday with Words – Simply Convivial

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Because I selected virtue as my word of the year, I am curious to see where it pops up in my reading and determined to write them all down. The first instance to be so discovered and copied was in The Secret Providences of God by John Calvin, which I finished on Sunday. Our virtue is certain because it is provided, not ginned up. This is certain, that unless virtue is provided from heaven each new moment, because we are … Read More

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