Contentment in My Kitchen

My kitchen has been pretty busy lately, with birthdays and company and just normal life. Surprisingly, it’s also been cleaner than usual – but that’s because of the “company” part. Nothing like having people over to incentivize housecleaning! Pretty Baby, baby, oatmeal-eater. Happy We had our small group Bible study over for a meal after church this Sunday. I made a big crockpot of black bean soup with roasted red peppers and artisan bread and then the other families brought … Read More

Contentment in My Kitchen

I love the Pretty Happy Funny Real link-up. I think that taking pictures throughout the week and recording them with a good-natured spin, remembering the good instead of musing upon shortcomings and unfulfilled expectations is a good exercise in gratitude to foster contentment. And, the kitchen is a place where we can be vulnerable to discontent and discouragement. So, I’d like to make participation in this link up regular on this blog. Plus, it turns out, I’m not really a … Read More

Contagious Conviviality: Catching smiles

~ Capturing contentment and contagious conviviality in everyday life. ~ Though I have a pretty family, I often do not look at them with a happy expression nor respond to their funny antics; this is a real temptation, a real opportunity for sanctification. Smiling Begets Love Smile at each other, smile at your wife, smile at your husband, smile at your children, smile at each other — it doesn’t matter who it is — and that will help you to … Read More

Capturing Contentment: Being interested in the details of daily life

Like Mother, Like Daughter‘s subtitle for this meme is “Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life,” and I love that. My own subtitle for my phfr posts this year will be Capturing Contentment and Contagious Conviviality. To have a happy, joy-filled home, I am the one who must be joy-filled. A mother’s joy – or discouragement or frustration or anger – in the home is a contagion, infecting everyone else who must live with her. How can we pursue … Read More

Capturing Contentment: And Now She Is Six

My third-born daughter turned six last week. She is one bundle of pretty and happy and funny and real all tightly wound. Pretty Girl Happy Girl She made her own cake and her own ice cream. I measured things out for her and she did all the dumping and stirring. She was very pleased with her efforts, and it appeared to all come out well, though I wouldn’t know. Funny Girl So her poem to memorize this term is Milne’s … Read More

Contagious Conviviality: When the Week Doesn’t Go As Planned

While feeling pretty sick this week, being happy was difficult and seeing the funny felt impossible; real life seems to conspire to make plans impossible. But the truth remains that there are still pretty moments, happy lego-players, funny faces and comments, and real life lived together. Monday morning was supposed to be back to Real Life. We’d been sick over the weekend; in fact, I’d been flat out in bed all day Friday and Saturday. When we closed the day … Read More

Catching Contentment & Conviviality

I love putting together these Thursday posts, weaving together pictures of our life with words. The photos are far more objective than my own perceptions, and with some breathing space between the photos and my writing, I can see the humor, the blessing, the joy more clearly than I can in the moment. And, I have found that this practice of seeing the humor and the contentment in the past week improves my ability to see the humor and find … Read More

Finding Contentment in My Kitchen: Saturday Baking

I use Saturdays to “get ahead” on the food prep for the coming week: to make bread, to get at least one quick breakfast option baked, to make something yummy for Sundays. Here’s what came out of my kitchen this Saturday! Pretty Breads This week I did muffins, whole wheat dinner rolls, and cinnamon rolls. I plan on posting my muffin recipe – Whole Wheat Cinnamon Muffins – next week! Happy Cinnamon Rolls Baking cinnamon rolls for Sunday morning is my … Read More

Capturing Conviviality: Fall Rhythms

Pretty Birthday Girl! Geneva turned one this weekend! We had her grandparents and half her aunts and uncles over for dinner after church on Sunday, and she learned what presents were. A little Christmas warm-up – for everyone. There was no shortage of helping hands for present opening. Happy Reformation Day! On October 31st we had a special Circle Time and read a picture book biography (I highly recommend it) on Martin Luther, sang “A Mighty Fortress,” and listened to … Read More

Finding Contentment in My Kitchen

I am enjoying finding a regular blogging groove again after the intensity of 31 Days of Simplified Grocery Shopping! I didn’t make it every single day, but I hope you still enjoyed it and learned some new tips and tricks for making the most of what can be a boring chore. I also wrote 31 Days of an Organized Homeschool at my other blog, Simply Convivial. If you homeschool, you won’t want to miss that. It was a lot of … Read More

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