Summer Term, week 4

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The Week in Brief It was a week of craziness, including the birthday of and party for my oldest. He’s now 10! I am beginning the journey out of the all-little years in earnest now, though I still can’t quite fathom it. There have been times when I feel the “Ack! Not much time left!” panic rise, but at those times it helps to look at Geneva and know it’s not really “too late” for anything. This week we began … Read More

2013 Summer Term, Week 2: Busy!

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The Week in Brief We had a doozy of a second week, with swimming lessons from 9:30-10:15 and a watercolor class for the older two from 12:30-2. Still, amazingly and despite all odds, every day this week we’ve managed to do an abbreviated Circle Time (I leave out the poems and catechism) and most of the boys’ math (they are only doing two Calculadder review drill pages for math for this week and next). We even did some Latin, which … Read More

Follow-Through Friday: Our First Week

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The Week in Brief This was our first week back in school: Summer Term 2013 has begun! It was a week of excitement and disappointment, of tears and triumph. For the most part, all the children were actually quite eager to begin. They were excited to see what was new in the Circle Time binders, what the Monday and Friday meetings would be like, and what the new books would be. However, there were tears that a poem to memorize … Read More

Convivial Chronicles: Living Room, Reading Room

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A few months ago I rearranged our living room to make it a bit more cozy, a place more suited for conversations and – of course – for reading. Of course, the trouble with making a place more hospitable to reading is that reading ends up happening there. And, if the point of my rearranging was to make the living room a more lovely place, then sometimes all that reading and visiting (when it is between children), can get in … Read More

Convivial Chronicles: Spring Break

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We had our all-too-short Spring Break last week. I had all sorts of plans for what I was going to get done, but very little of it actually materialized. My housekeeping was so backed up and undone that rather than get any deep cleaning and organization done, all my time was spent getting back on track with a normal level of clean. No yard work. Not much writing or reading. No closets tackled. But at least the main level did … Read More

Convivial Chronicles: Easter!

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He is Risen! He is risen, indeed! And if Christ has not been raised, then our preaching is in vain and your faith is in vain. […] if Christ has not been raised, your faith is futile and you are still in your sins. Then those also who have fallen asleep in Christ have perished. If in Christ we have hope in this life only, we are of all people most to be pitied. But in fact Christ has been … Read More

Convivial Chronicles

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Well, I haven’t gotten any meaty posts out this week, because I’ve not been stealing time from school or the house to post, and the baby hasn’t been sleeping great (combo cold + growth spurt, I think) so I haven’t been getting up early to post (plus time change, plus laziness). But, I can manage some pictures, because I took some this week! They appear to be Knox-centric. We’re having spring weather, which means it’s time for mud-play (apparently). A … Read More

Convivial Chronicles

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Capturing contentment by rightly interpreting everyday chaos. Pretty, Happy, Funny – Real Life We’re all living and learning and mostly getting along swimmingly these days, though sleep is not consistent and meals must be. I’m working hard at reimplementing routines and reinstilling my own housekeeping habits that I lost over the coarse of pregnancy and newborn stages. It’s tiring but worthwhile. Miss Poochy-Lips. Isn’t she the cutest little thing? She has the hugest round blue eyes. I rearranged the books … Read More

Convivial Chronicles

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We’re on a break week this week from school. However, it’s not looking like I will have the entire house cleaned and organized by the end of the week like I’d been dreaming about for the last couple weeks. Still, all the clothes collections from baby/maternity/season switches are cleared out of our bedroom, and that feels good! Pretty: Big blue eyes and a big smile with dimples are oh so pretty. She’s three months, almost 3 1/2 months, old now, … Read More

Convivial Chronicles: Around Here

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You do know Frances, right? I love Frances. Sometimes I feel a little like Frances, and not just when I thoughtlessly pop treats intended for other people right into my own mouth. I think maybe peanut brittle, but I don’t know how it got there. No, lately it has been a different sentiment of Frances’ that strikes a chord with me. I look around and grimace. “Things are not very good around here anymore.” The stockings are not hung (and … Read More

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