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Thursday again and June is nearly over! We haven’t even had much warm weather yet, bizarrely. 80 has been an infrequently occurring high. July might just come as a shock. My tomatoes are waiting for it eagerly, but while the cooler weather holds, my peas are producing an abundant crop! Pretty, Happy, Funny — Real Life Our life has been a bowl of cherries this last week. Yup. Our cherry tree produced a bountiful crop! You know what, though? That … Read More

Capturing Convivial Contentment

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This was our second week on our new school year plan. We had two weeks off after state-mandatory testing, and we are all actually relieved to be back to structured living after several months of first-trimester-induced flying-by-the-seat-of-our-pants. Pretty, Happy, Funny — Real Life Well, as far as real life goes, the excitement of [last] week was the ceiling cracking open! I heard a strange noise, went around investigating, and ended up at the game closet, where I found this: We … Read More

Capturing Contentment: Garden Edition!

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Pretty With my birthday money last year I got myself a cute pair of purple gardening boots at Target! I’m enjoying them. Happy Strawberries: my favorite part of the garden. Grass got into the bed (and the strawberries got into the grass), but the strawberries are still going strong and have blossoms and green baby strawberries forming! I had enough to satisfy everyone’s appetite, serve to company multiple times, and still freeze a couple bags last year, the first year … Read More

Capturing Contentment: Keep the Plan, Make a Plan

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Pretty After being enamored with my 15-year-old youngest sister’s new bangs, Ilse requested bangs of her own. Since I am slightly disappointed during this current heavy-bangs trend that I can’t have bangs (I have a cowlick right at my forehead), I happily obliged her. She calls them bang-bongs. Knox ran around the house in circles yelling, “Bang! Bang! Bang!” apparently demonstrating that he, too, has bangs. Happy An after-dinner, after-bedtime clean kitchen: It’s not show-worthy clean — there are still … Read More

Capturing Contentment while I #keeptheplan

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This post contains updates about my April Keep the Plan challenge. It’s not too late to join in! Pretty My Easter children! Happy I’ve been doing it, despite having sickies in the house! I committed to my three basic things to do first thing in the morning, and I’ve done them before checking my email — a pretty big step for me! :) Funny Egg coloring at my mom’s house! Real The night before Easter:

Capturing Contentment: Clear the Desks!

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It’s the last week of Simple Mom’s Project Simplify, where we were supposed to choose our own focus area. I chose my desk and the back office table, both of which are dumping grounds and magnets for clutter. But next week I start ordering books for our next school year, and so I wanted a place I could start my book piles and begin organizing papers and the like. So these two places needed some attention — in a big … Read More

Capturing Contentment: My Closet

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This week was closet week for Simple Mom’s Project Simplify. I took before pictures of 3 different closets, but only managed to tackle my own. Real This is the shelf area where I keep my sweaters. It’s seen better days. My main closet space is in our master bathroom, so the shelves hold our hygiene supplies. My closet area is one of the areas most prone to entropy in the entire house. Old habits do die hard. This is, however, … Read More

Capturing Contentment: Pantry Organization

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This was pantry week for Simple Mom‘s Project Simplify, and Auntie Leila asked us to post something about making dinnertime smoother or nicer. A nice dovetail. Real The state of my pantry. The result of my clumsiness during “organization”: Funny I thought I had a fairly purged pantry, after all my efforts toward simplification in this area. Yet I found this bottle lurking in my pantry: It must be at least 5-6 years old, and I’ve only ever used about … Read More

Capturing Contentment: Declutter Toys

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Spring decluttering time! We’ll do our pretty–happy–funny–real backwards this month for a before & after effect. Real — Before This week Simple Mom’s Project Simplify area was children’s toys, an area that can always use attention at our house! My first step was to grab some empty buckets and tell the kids to simply find as many toys hidden in nooks and crannies (and not) and fill the buckets. They didn’t have to put them all away in the right … Read More

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