Capturing Contentment: My Closet

This week was closet week for Simple Mom’s Project Simplify. I took before pictures of 3 different closets, but only managed to tackle my own. Real This is the shelf area where I keep my sweaters. It’s seen better days. My main closet space is in our master bathroom, so the shelves hold our hygiene supplies. My closet area is one of the areas most prone to entropy in the entire house. Old habits do die hard. This is, however, … Read More

Capturing Contentment: Pantry Organization

This was pantry week for Simple Mom‘s Project Simplify, and Auntie Leila asked us to post something about making dinnertime smoother or nicer. A nice dovetail. Real The state of my pantry. The result of my clumsiness during “organization”: Funny I thought I had a fairly purged pantry, after all my efforts toward simplification in this area. Yet I found this bottle lurking in my pantry: It must be at least 5-6 years old, and I’ve only ever used about … Read More

Capturing Contentment: Declutter Toys

Spring decluttering time! We’ll do our pretty–happy–funny–real backwards this month for a before & after effect. Real — Before This week Simple Mom’s Project Simplify area was children’s toys, an area that can always use attention at our house! My first step was to grab some empty buckets and tell the kids to simply find as many toys hidden in nooks and crannies (and not) and fill the buckets. They didn’t have to put them all away in the right … Read More

Capturing Contentment

Pretty Birthday cupcakes! Mr. Knox Sir turned two on Saturday, with much fanfare. I love two-year-olds. Happy My four-year-old volunteered to wash the silicone muffin cups! She thought it was play, and I thought it was a bargain — she washed them and they occupied her. Funny My six-year-old was staring blankly out the window while doing his math fact sheet. I called him back to the present by reminding him that he could go get the blocks if he … Read More

Capturing Contentment

Pretty Children playing together: Happy The best $5 birthday present: a game of Cooties. Ilse calls them cuties. I tell her she’s the cutie. Knox is the silly. Yes, the cootie is supposed to be kissing his cheek. Funny Sometimes, our house needs an industrial clean. Sometimes, this is the right tool for our floors. Real One of my tricks for occupying my toddler during school hours: A dice tower. It’s kinda noisy, but less noisy than a free-range toddler. … Read More

Capturing Contentment

Pretty Homemade hummus: Happy The boys have set up a new fort, which makes them very happy: I love its name. Funny A picture narration Hans drew for science…. …incorporating vocabulary learned in history Real Everyone wants to watch Mr. Demme teach math! :) But then one has to do the math.

Capturing Contentment

Pretty I usually wear my hair in an updo, but this makes winter hats a difficulty. I started seeing wide knit or crochet headbands popping up online, and I thought I’d try my hand at one. It took me less than an hour, even though it was my own invented pattern! It has a button and button hole in the back, so it can go on and come off without disturbing my ‘do. I had this Peaches & Cream cotton … Read More

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