Friday Five: Snow, Codenames, ESV podcasts, and more

Faithful Follow-through It’s been a snow week! Outside play, tea, hot chocolate, LEGOs, and lots of books have made up this week – a good week. Favorite Instagram of the week: Follow me on Instagram FAQ: Codenames Game Review A couple weeks ago I mentioned that we played the board game Codenames over Thanksgiving and several people asked for a review. We loved it! The game works by laying out a “board” of 25 cards that each have a random … Read More

Friday Five: Snow & Soup

1. Thinking Do you set yearly goals? Have you started yet? How do you make a plan to reach them? With interval planning, of course. 2. Doing I took a meal to a family this week. The day was cold, I had a giant gifted butternut squash and turkey bone broth in the fridge, so clearly I had to make soup. But transporting soup is a pain. Here’s what I did: We get the giant jars of pickles, and I … Read More

Friday Five: with Christmas picture books

Faithful Follow-through Follow-through looks different on break weeks – or break months – for sure. This week break week looked like getting back on top of the housework after last week’s big project push (our church fundraiser brought in $9,000 for the local Pregnancy Network!), play days with friends, Lego playing, book reading, doctor & orthodontist checkups, a little snow play, and some cookie decorating. This week my friend and I were definitely not white witches and were instead Christmas-celebrators, … Read More

Friday Five – with a giveaway!

Happy Thanksgiving! Faithful Follow-through This was the first week of our extended Christmas break. We take off from Thanksgiving week through New Years week. Because we start in July, this is our half-way point and an extended break hits the spot. A couple of the kids will probably still do xtramath most days, everyone will still practice piano and do their chores, and we’ll have a brief Advent Morning Time so that we can sing Christmas carols and add ornaments … Read More

Friday Five

Faithful Follow-through My latest innovation is doing the girls’ hair during Morning Time. I was rarely getting to it before we got started, but we have more “seeing people” days than not now and I really needed to bump up doing their hair on my priority list so they weren’t perpetually disheveled. It’s much better for everyone when hair is out of the face. So, rather than “try harder” I “tried smarter”: tie the task that never gets hits to … Read More

Friday Five

1. Thinking How you start your day matters. 2. Answering I received this question about filtering email from Maria: Wow! I didn’t realize you could only have 10 emails. I’m definitely getting close to the 12,000! Until a friend mentioned it one time I didn’t even realize it was only the unopened ones. Many are advertisements. Do you find it’s better to just get off the list for some of those to cut down on your inbox? So I made … Read More

Friday Five

So you know, all Amazon links are affiliate links. If you purchase anything after clicking, I get a few pennies. I only link what I use. Thanks! 1. Faithful Follow-Through It’s been a solid week in the books here, with a nature walk appointment on the calendar for today. It’s crazy how much can happen with short, focused lessons. In 3 1/2 hours a week – 1 3/4 hours, 2 days a week – we accomplish history, Bible, science, Shakespeare, … Read More

Friday Five

1. Thinking Recently a wholly unexpected minor operation badly interrupted my list of things to be done that week. But because God is my sovereign Lord, I was not worried. He manages perfectly, day and night, year in and year out, the movements of the stars, the wheeling of the planets, the staggering coordination of events that goes on on the molecular level in order to hold things together. There is no doubt that he can manage the timing of … Read More

Friday Five, with a winner (or two)

And the winner is… Yolande, who wrote: I would love to win Mere Motherhood. I have been reading your blog for over a year and I enjoy its meatiness. After a season of survival homeschooling I am excited for a season of abundant life and learning! and Erika, who wrote: REALLY want to read Cindy’s book, but can not afford it at this point. Would LOVE to win this! Congratulations, ladies! And, if you still need the book (which you … Read More

Fantabulous Friday Five

1. Focus Frustratingly true: From the book Do More Better by Tim Challies 2. Framework Follow me on Instagram I’ve been more consistent lately with my daily index card method, and it helps so much! It’s worth it to make that card, even when not everything on it gets crossed off. Try it out and don’t overcomplicate it. Most of my fallings-off have been due to trying to do too much or add too many list-making rules to the process. … Read More

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