Friday Five this week – with a giveaway of Mere Motherhood!

Giveaway time! CiRCE and Cindy Rollins are offering for giveaway to two winners an autographed copy of Mere Motherhood, Cindy’s newly released memoir that I consider a must-read for all moms who count themselves in for the long haul. Homeschooling is really simply an extension of motherhood, and Cindy’s memoir is aptly titled: It is a mothering book rather than a homeschooling book. As she shares her story, she shares her heart and her hard-won perspective that those of us … Read More

Friday Five

1. A quote for productivity What’s Best Next is one of my favorite productivity books – I think it’s better than Getting Things Done. And I love Perman’s definition of “gospel-driven productivity”: He goes on to say We should be radical and risky and creative and abundant in using our effectiveness to make life better for others. and one way to do that is to Implement systems that enable you to ultimately expand your capacity overall. …which is exactly what … Read More

Friday Five this week

1. This week in our homeschool My literature class with middle schoolers starts next week and our group Elementary Lessons as well as piano lessons starts up the week after Labor Day – I feel like I’m holding my breath waiting for the avalanche to fall. When it hits, then I’ll dig out and build a snow fort, but until then we’ll plug away with Morning Time, math, and Latin. 2. Something’s up this week I’m back to interval “running” … Read More

Friday Five

1. A quote for keeping focused Yet a thing begun is half done. No matter how unpleasant a thing is to do, begin it and immediately it becomes less unpleasant. Form the excellent habit of making a start. – Joseph Morris Starting is the hardest part. Once you can overcome the hurdle of beginning, you’re well on your way to finishing. Whatever the task is, it’s probably not as bad as your imagination is making it out to be. Get … Read More

Friday Five: summer term dwindles to a close

Faithful Follow-through I started the week with a cold which turned into a sinus infection, plus our last two-week session of swimming lessons began. When I fell into bed Tuesday night, I realized I should just admit reality rather than fight it: Break week started Wednesday, not next Monday. We have a birthday this weekend adding more activity and work to the week, so it was just better to call that shorter, warm-up term a wrap and get in some … Read More

Friday Five: links, hacks, and more

Every Most Fridays at Simply Convivial, I post a 5-point quick-take about our week. I thought I’d do something similar over here, but with a life and link focus instead of a homeschooling focus. Enjoy! 1. Formative Fundamentals A quote on time management to mull over for the weekend. The most manifest sign of wisdom is a continual cheerfulness. – Michal de Montaigne This wise cheerfulness is not a bury-your-head-in-the-sand variety, but one that comes because our eyes are fixed … Read More

Friday Five: math fits, correction routines, and digital tools

Faithful Follow-through We had a little “I hate math” episode this week – I believe it might have been this particular student’s first one, but I’ve been around the block a few times by this point and it hardly fazed me. “I hate math” was written as the answer to several problems and tears were shed. Laps were run and doors were slammed. I remained impervious, as Cindy Rollins advised. Anger was visible, so when the page was brought to … Read More

Friday Five: starting school, occupying three-year-olds, and talking real life

And now that we’re back into doing school instead of planning school and sharing school plans, it’s time for the Friday Five feature to return. Faithful Follow-through We started school this week! It went quite well, if I do say so myself. We’ve had some doozies of first days in the past, so maybe I learned something (like the fact that the root of those bad first days was the way I handled it – oops!). It wasn’t all sunshine … Read More

Friday Five: school planning, play, more chats, history, & books read

1. Faithful Follow-through Favorite homeschool Instagram of the week: Follow me on Instagram 2. Fun Freeways This is what summer is for. Then come the spelling lessons. 3. Fab Freebie 4. Fast FAQ It’s time for curriculum-browsing! I have early elementary age kids (7 and 9) and am looking for a history spine (I am moving on after 4 years with Classical Conversations and feel like I am basically starting all over again). I was debating between Tapestry of Grace, … Read More

Friday Five: chores, fellowship, audits, science, & books

Faithful Follow-through Favorite homeschool Instagram of the week: Follow me on Instagram Fun Food & Fellowship Fab Freebie Fast FAQ I received this question in regards to my “7th Grade Real Life Report” post. I wrote her reply and then the next day read a confirmation of my opinion in Teaching Science So Students Learn Science. One of his principles is that the history of scientific inquiry is a significant area of study – because what are commonly presented as … Read More

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