Laundry, literature, loaves, and lists

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Hm, apparently I haven’t posted for a week! It doesn’t feel like it, because I’ve been doing “content” this week – just a different kind! ~ 1 ~ This is my real-life laundry pile I need to tackle today. This is the week that I had to choose to be glad I had committed to accountability in homeschooling. Left to myself, I would have said, “Eh, let’s skip reading and spelling today and fold laundry instead.” But, people were showing … Read More

On bad starts, good endings, and the muddle of the middle

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Another week in the books. Whew! This weekend is our church’s women’s retreat, so I even get to skip town on Friday and leave the children with Dad to oversee math and all the rest. :thumbsup: ~ 1 ~ Sometimes we all have our difficult starts. One day it’s one child, the next day it’s a different one. Then it’s my turn to lose it. I lose it so badly we can’t carry on with Morning Time and I have … Read More

Tips & reality checks from my kitchen

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    ~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life – in my kitchen. ~   When you prepare and serve 21 meals a week, some bloopers and also some beauties are bound to occur. This week was no exception.   Pretty Apples If you give a boy an apple… and a knife… Put the boy in charge of cutting apples, and they will be “geometric.” That is, he said to himself, “Let’s see how many different shapes I … Read More

Responses, readings, recordings, and ragbag remarks

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There has been such a great response to Work the Plan this week. Thank you so much for your support and kind words. I especially appreciated these bits from emails sent by readers: “I feel like I have a boost in my abilities to attack and conquer life every time I encounter whatever-it-is you’ve written.” As well as this from Cheryl F.: Thank you so much for seeing into my daily life by examining your own so closely and then … Read More

Soup, soap, sticks, and sundry somethings

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~ 1 ~ One interesting thing that I have found after a number of years of homeschooling on 6-week terms is how much pressure it takes off the early weeks. Schooling in July feels like bonus time. We get a groove with our basics and iron out the kinks. Then new stuff starts as we enter our second term and we get another opportunity to step back, evaluate, and change up what didn’t work out the way I envisioned. So, … Read More

How is it September already? | 7 Quick Takes

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We’re continuing on with our school year, but I’m eying September with warily. Mid-month we’ll add more to our schedule, and I’m trying to piece together routines that will make it flow with less stress and more peace. I’m sure there’ll be some trial and error in the first month or so, but I do find that the addition of the scheduled classes forces us to use our time well. Plus, the entire reason the scheduled things are scheduled is … Read More

So many good things – including a giveaway!

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The last take in today’s post is a giveaway of Brandy Vencel’s phonics lesson plans, Teaching Reading with Bob Books. But there’s a lot of good stuff between here and there, too. ~ 1 ~ We started our Harvest Term this week – I’ll post about our content for the term next week. We seem to have a pre-algebra stall but some significant fraction improvement. By now I have enough experience with these waves of math to not worry about … Read More

Try something new: 7 Quick Takes

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I didn’t get in a pretty, happy, funny, real post yesterday, even though I do love putting those together. So, I took a cue from Brandy and am trying a 7 Quick Takes instead. :) ~ 1 ~ We took the week off everything except math this week because the older three kids all took tennis lessons from 9-noon, Monday through Thursday. Twelve hours of tennis wore them right out! Not only were our mornings shot, but I knew they’d … Read More

Summer is for school, camping, and organizing – and reading, always

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~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~ This is our fifth week back-to-school, and although we’ve had rocky days, sick days, long days, and vacation days, overall the plans for this year seem to fit where we’re at. What a relief that is to see that your plans are actually going to work!   Pretty ~Pretty morning time ~ Morning time really is the best part of our homeschooling day. Pam is getting ready to launch her … Read More

Moments in a real homeschool life

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~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~ Week 3 of school is almost over. So far, so good! Our books are great, our lists seem to work well, Morning Time is going well. We’ve had a summer cold take a couple of us out for a day here and there. So our five-day-a-week plan has been executed as a four-day-a-week plan last week (nothing happened Friday) and this week (very little happened Wednesday). But I’m still happy … Read More

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