Current Convivialities

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Pretty, Happy, Funny — Real Life Real life: This week I didn’t take any pictures but the one below, even though there were ample opportunities. Matt decided the children needed a wading pool, so that has been a fun new thing around here this week. Also, the older two boys are taking tennis lessons from 8:30-9:30 every morning, so we actually have to have our act together straight away. I suppose I could try to claim that I’ve been living … Read More

Weekend Links

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I have been thinking about the best way to share links to good articles and posts I’ve read around the internet, and finally settled on picking the three best every week and sharing them in a quick post on Saturdays. Keeping First Things First Luma at Gospel of Grace shares, “A Definition of Christ-Centered Motherhood.” A life prioritized on Christ will lead to gospel-fueled godly service: to one’s husband, children, neighbors, local church, and who knows how far it may … Read More

Current Convivialities

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Pretty, Happy, Funny — Real Life Anyone else familiar with math sheets that look like this? And who is disheartened by how long math takes? I guess I could just check off the drawing box as happening concurrently with math — except that I don’t really check boxes, because I have zero motivation for keeping unnecessary paperwork. And unnecessary paperwork is really all the preschooler’s work is, but she loves it. She had a little math envy, looking over at … Read More

Current Convivialities

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Pretty, Happy, Funny — Real Life The two older boys got to go camping over the weekend with my parents. They had a great time, of course, particularly the geocaching with my dad. Well, that and eating six s’mores each, and, I see from the picture, getting their own cans of Mountain Dew. :) Academics Accomplished [For new readers: We school year-round, and are particularly working at getting a good start on the year now because I’m due to deliver … Read More


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Thursday again and June is nearly over! We haven’t even had much warm weather yet, bizarrely. 80 has been an infrequently occurring high. July might just come as a shock. My tomatoes are waiting for it eagerly, but while the cooler weather holds, my peas are producing an abundant crop! Pretty, Happy, Funny — Real Life Our life has been a bowl of cherries this last week. Yup. Our cherry tree produced a bountiful crop! You know what, though? That … Read More

Capturing Convivial Contentment

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This was our second week on our new school year plan. We had two weeks off after state-mandatory testing, and we are all actually relieved to be back to structured living after several months of first-trimester-induced flying-by-the-seat-of-our-pants. Pretty, Happy, Funny — Real Life Well, as far as real life goes, the excitement of [last] week was the ceiling cracking open! I heard a strange noise, went around investigating, and ended up at the game closet, where I found this: We … Read More

Our Chore Board – Simply Convivial

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Kelly asked about our chore chart, so here’s the nitty-gritty on that topic. I have always kept morning chores simple, constant, and consistent, partly in hopes of not needing any tracking or communication set-ups. Every child has one job they do right after breakfast, and they keep the same job for a year or more. However, particularly now that I have two readers, plus simply more to keep tabs on myself, I have found it helpful to have things like … Read More

Review: Better Late than Early by Raymond Moore – Simply Convivial

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This review was written in 2009. I’ve always wondered what exactly was better late than early. And how could I start homeschooling without reading one of the books that kick-started homeschooling as a movement? So, I finally borrowed this off my parents’ shelf and read it, as opposed to borrowing it and not reading it, which I’ve already done once or twice. Apparently, what is better “late” rather than early is an institutional setting. Moore says it is better not … Read More

Capturing Contentment: Garden Edition!

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Pretty With my birthday money last year I got myself a cute pair of purple gardening boots at Target! I’m enjoying them. Happy Strawberries: my favorite part of the garden. Grass got into the bed (and the strawberries got into the grass), but the strawberries are still going strong and have blossoms and green baby strawberries forming! I had enough to satisfy everyone’s appetite, serve to company multiple times, and still freeze a couple bags last year, the first year … Read More

Capturing Contentment: Keep the Plan, Make a Plan

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Pretty After being enamored with my 15-year-old youngest sister’s new bangs, Ilse requested bangs of her own. Since I am slightly disappointed during this current heavy-bangs trend that I can’t have bangs (I have a cowlick right at my forehead), I happily obliged her. She calls them bang-bongs. Knox ran around the house in circles yelling, “Bang! Bang! Bang!” apparently demonstrating that he, too, has bangs. Happy An after-dinner, after-bedtime clean kitchen: It’s not show-worthy clean — there are still … Read More

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