5 tips for an extrovert homeschool mom

Isn’t homeschooling a sure way to drive an extrovert mom out of her mind? It depends on the homeschool and on the mom. As an extrovert homeschool mom you can set up your schedule and methods to take advantage of your strengths and fully come alive in your role. Here are five ways to do just that. 1. Find the right kind of refill time. Just because you’re an extrovert doesn’t mean simply hanging out with friends is your automatic … Read More

Go to church.

Organize your attitude #35 I was glad when they said to me, “Let us go to the house of the LORD!” –Psalm 122:1 We’re not meant to do life alone. We’re not even meant to do life as a single family unit. We’re meant to live in community and fellowship with a body of believers, regularly, intentionally, and humbly. Attending church is a way to organize our attitude because at church we confess our sins, worship God, and fellowship with … Read More

5 tips for an introvert homeschool mom

Homeschooling is made for introverts. So say the extroverts. Sure, we get to stay home and keep our circle of influence strong and consolidated. In our day-to-day lives we don’t have to conform to a group or put on a show for others. However, homeschooling means we are constantly at the beck and call of our children’s needs, being at the center of our bustling homes, and living a full and perhaps cluttered life. These aspects wear us introverts down. … Read More

Friday Four

1. Organizing One of my Instagrams sparked quite a bit of idea-generating, so I thought it’d be a good one to call out here. The question is: What to do with all those cups?! Possible solutions to the “too many cups out!” issue: washi tape + names written color-coded washi tape alone water bottles individual unique mugs rubber bands or drink bands colored cups We did the color-coded waterbottle thing for awhile: it worked well except when 2 people broke … Read More

Friday Five: back to the books, kids’ kindles, & more

Faithful Follow-through Back to school after 5 weeks off! We survived and got back on track with only a few tears and bumps. With motivation to get out and play in the new snow, the kids hunkered down, moved through their checklists, and did good work (because not-good work means staying in to make it good). It helped that we only did review math for this week and there were no literature class assignments. It’s been a good week, but … Read More

Hug your kids.

Organize your attitude #34 Once upon a time, I had a somewhat embarrassing item on my daily checklist: Smile at each child. Eventually, I graduated to “Hug each child.” Yes, it was on my list that I had to actually check off, because I knew it was a good and necessary habit for a mom to have, and yet I did not have it. Slowly, checkmark-by-checkmark, I built the habit until I didn’t need it on my checklist anymore. It’s … Read More

Top Books for Homeschooling Moms

There are so many books out there. How do we choose what to read? Should we read only in “our field”? Even in the homeschool category, there are so many books! And I’ve checked out our library’s selection. Not all of them are worth reading. We have limited time to read. We want to bring our best selves to this game of homeschooling. What’s a homeschool mom supposed to read? Here are my short lists in the categories I’ve read … Read More

Reliable Homeschooling

Do you do the One Word thing for the new year? I know it’s a thing – a thing I’ve participated in before – but I’m not sure who started it. I do think it is helpful to find a focus for a short-term period, whether that’s a planning interval or a school term or a year. Not long ago I would have called a year-long focus a long-term focus, but the years are speeding up and it now seems … Read More

Friday Five: goals, menus, & books

1. Goal Setting Are you making goals for 2017? Here are some helpful articles I’ve written in the past to help you focus on what matters in 2017: 5 Habits for a More Productive Year Start the Year Well: Keystone Habits Make goals that fit your reality. Or maybe you’re tired of setting goals and forgetting about them by February? Do you want to get a grip and start making progress in your home and your approach to life but … Read More

Friday Five: gaming, goals, and garb

Faithful Follow-through Not only did we have Christmas break this week, but my husband also took the week off! So it was board game city around here, with a few pauses for cleaning up Christmas and doing some website maintenance – oh, and recovering from the inevitable post-holiday colds. Matt found a steal of a deal on Food Chain Magnate and it’s currently our top pick. It’s a deep strategy game that nevertheless takes an hour or two per play. … Read More

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