Weekly Homeschool Checklists in Trello

Keeping track of what each student is supposed to be doing, and making sure they are doing it is one of the struggles of homeschooling moms everywhere. Here’s how we’re managing it with a free online (and mobile) app called Trello. SO048: A Digital Homeschool Planner Some people use spiral notebooks for a daily list; we use Trello for weekly lists. Here are the details and even some video tutorials to get you started! Related: Five Tips for Teaching Kids … Read More

Purge your closet.

Organize your attitude #37 What’s in your closet? Do you know? Is it a black hole? Sometimes, setting order to one small area helps us set order to our mindset and our attitudes. Our closets might not be publicly visible spaces, but they are personal spaces. Our closet, whether we like it or not, says something about us. What does our closet say? What message are we picking up from our own closets each morning? Most likely, our children aren’t … Read More

Ultimate Guide to Homeschool Checklists – Simply Convivial

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Online Workshop: Homeschool Checklists Articles about Homeschool Checklists Our Online Homeschool Student Planner: Trello My homeschool teacher checklist 5 tips for teaching kids to use checklists Independent Work Checklist Evernote for Homeschool Record-Keeping Trello Tutorials Your questions, answered! Leave your comments, suggestions, and questions below and I’ll respond to each one.

Never organize alone.

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Never organize alone. Organizing is very personal. You want your things and your time ordered in a way that works for you, for your situation and your own needs. You can’t simply adopt someone else’s system or someone else’s order and expect it to work for you. Life is too variable for that. You are the only one who can arrange your things to work for you. But that doesn’t mean you have to do so alone. In fact, you … Read More

Friday Five: Transforming Inboxes

1. Thinking We must therefore allow children breathing-time from perpetual tasks, and remember that all our life there is a division of relaxation and effort. – Plutarch This was the quote from my post on classical education this week. It applies to us as moms in all we do, as well, for he notes this is true “all our life.” Do you have divided time for relaxation? Do you have divided time for effort? As we head toward a new … Read More

How to Create a Personalized Housecleaning Plan

There is one big problem with housecleaning. It’s never done. We make the checkmark, but the task returns the very next day or week. Making decisions is fatiguing. Front-load the decisions about what to do when is sanity-saving. The goal is regularity. A daily good enough. Remember that your home is a tool to be used. Its perfect end-state is not perfection. Its reason for being is as a setting for the drama of life unfolding within its walls. Is … Read More

How to lesson plan so you’re never behind

Some homeschool moms – maybe those with school-teacher backgrounds – have elaborate homeschool lesson plans – full sheets of papers full of ideas, notes, references, activities, and objectives. Many homeschool moms have no lesson plans at all. I have never been in that first category, but more often find myself in the latter. Even though I love planning, lesson plans seemed more like a waste of time than anything else. Learning, at least in our homeschool, is more about reading … Read More

How to declutter your home

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So you want to get organized. Where do you even start? To be organized means to be purposefully prepared. The best preparation for the work of organization is to declutter: declutter stuff, declutter life, declutter your head. Organizing starts with decluttering, but decluttering is actually a much bigger job than simply clearing out closets. Here’s how to declutter your home – and also your head. The Containers: Declutter your home & head Decluttering is one of those processes that makes … Read More

Write a daily note.

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Organize your attitude #22 How do we keep track of all that needs to be done? How, if we do track all that needs to be done, do we keep the most important tasks top of mind rather than lost in the sea of details? We need to write a daily note. The power of a little index card or post it note is in the brevity. It allows us to keep our expectations realistic and focused. Selecting 3 priority … Read More

3 Tips for the First Day of School – Simply Convivial

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Today is our first day back to school. We’re easing into our school year this term, but the first day back requires even more ease and grace. The first day back is like jumping into cold water. It’s a reality check. So it’s better for everyone if I anticipate the shudders, the squeals, the struggles. Perhaps I am excited to try out my new plan, but not all my children will be. I’m not a naturally fun mom. Some moms … Read More

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