CH072: Teaching is Hard & Worth It: Seneca on Education

Season 12: Classical Voices on Classical Education Seneca here warns us of two opposing dangers, two ditches on either side of our right path: either building resentment and anger in our children (how he says this happens might surprise you) or by stifling and smashing their personalities and energy. In our talk of classical education or a liberal arts education, we must keep our definitions and our aim in view. The liberal arts boil down to studying wisdom. Wisdom comes … Read More

CH073: All God’s Truth: Clement on Classical Christian Education

Season 12: Classical Voices on Classical Education The classical tradition does not see itself as a new thing, but as part of the stream of Western civilization that started in Greece, grew in the middle ages, has suffered much recently, but still exists, particularly if we educate our children in its gifts and blessings and warnings. It is the culture of a people who sought truth, of a people then who met Truth, of a people who tried – though … Read More

CH071: Fruitful Subjects of Study: Tacitus & Philo on the Liberal Arts

Season 12: Classical Voices on Classical Education General and wide knowledge is the foundation of the educated mind, the roots that nourish it and cause it to grow. It is only from a wealth of learning, and a multitude of accomplishments, and a knowledge that is universal that his marvelous eloquence wells forth like a mighty stream. For The acquisition of all the preliminary branches of education is wholly necessary [to attain virtue]. In order to bear fruit, we must … Read More

CH070: Duties & Delights: Quintilian on Teachers & Students

Season 12: Classical Voices on Classical Education So, Quintilian wants us to know it’s important what kind of teacher we give our children over to. Do we think this matters less because the teacher is ourselves? No, if we choose to be the teachers ourselves, we must also choose to be the sort of person we would entrust our children to. Nor is it sufficient that he should merely set an example of the highest personal self-control; he must also … Read More

CH069: Imagination & Expectation: Quintilian on Education

Season 12: Classical Voices on Classical Education We can’t simply demand character out of a person, nor can we explain it with abstract and theoretical definitions and expect that to be sufficient. We have to illustrate – model, tell stories, practice, make analogies – if we want to help people (ourselves, our children) change. And doing so is demanding. It’s hard work. It’s good work. It’s necessary work. It is best and easiest to begin how we mean to go … Read More

CH068: Homeschool Math Tips with Virginia Lee

Season 12: Classical Voices on Classical Education Listen: Transcript Mystie: Alright, well, welcome to season 12. I’m so excited to get this season started, and I’m here today with Virginia Lee to start our season off. Virginia Lee: Hi, everyone. Mystie: For the podcast this season the Simple Sanity Saver is Math-U-See tips. Even if you don’t use Math-U-See I think you’ll still be able to pick up some ideas, some tips, some things to think about. So, what ages … Read More

CH067: Thoughts on Jayber Crow and Hannah Coulter by Wendell Berry

Season 11 : Good Books to Read Somehow, Berry makes you feel affection for all mankind, even those who aren’t likable and maybe even those who are wicked but especially for those who are foolish — which is each one of us. “Membership” with one another is the underlying thread in them both, and these novels have given that word much more depth and richness than I had ever seen in it. Read the original post: Jayber Crow by Wendell … Read More

CH066: Thoughts on Consider This by Karen Glass

Season 11 : Good Books to Read Yes, we pursue knowledge, but not simply for its own sake. Our aim when we are learning and loving knowledge needs to be acting in accordance with the truth we have discovered – wisdom being knowledge, rightly applied. When our knowledge is transformed into action, it becomes virtue, and virtue was the goal of education. Or, as James puts it, But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves. She … Read More

CH065: Thoughts on Living Page by Laurie Bestvater

Season 11 : Good Books to Read Here and there, what Bestvater often only hints at, is that keeping a commonplace notebook will make you a different sort of person: a Keeper, a noticer, a thought-connector. Bestvater continually calls this activity a posture; it is a liturgy: it gives space, perception, identity, and meaning. The act of copying is meditative and contemplative, and it makes the thought grow in you just a little more. Read the original post: The Living … Read More

CH064: Thoughts on Crazy Busy by Kevin DeYoung & Shopping for Time by Carolyn Mahaney

Season 11 : Good Books to Read But their actual point is quite biblical, and part of it is that God isn’t calling you to “do it all” in the world’s sense or even in our own personal mile-long to-do-list sense. The book constitutes a redefinition of “doing it all.” Every day presents us with countless options for how to spend our time. However, only some are truly great deals. Only a few things are really important. […] It’s frequently … Read More

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