SC042: The Secret to Sanity

Season 7: Mom As Atmosphere In the first episode of The Scholé Sisters Podcast we talk about how levity – lightheartedness, humor, cheerfulness – is a burnout prevention method. When we sink into seriousness, into get-it-all-done mode, into self-importance, we’re bound to be pulled down, lose our joy, and want to give up. To prevent burnout and also to recover from it, we need to shed our anxieties and pride – and we do that through laughter. Laughter comes from … Read More

SC041: The Scary Homeschool Mom

Season 7: Mom As Atmosphere You’ve met her. Maybe you’ve been her. Maybe you are her. Some homeschool moms might scare you. Some homeschool moms scare their children. But I think we’ve all experienced another kind of scary homeschool mom: the one who scares herself. Are you scary? Who do you scare? Read the original post: The Scary Homeschool Mom Listen: Recommended Reading: Simple Sanity Saver: Repent. Rejoice. Repeat. To learn and grow ourselves, we must rejoice. Learning and growing … Read More

SC040: Beating Homeschool Morning Blahs

Season 7: Mom As Atmosphere Sometimes it’s weather, sometimes it’s illness, sometimes it’s simply fatigue. If you’ve been homeschooling for awhile, you’re probably familiar with the feeling: homeschool morning blah. It’s normal; it’s natural; it’s bound to happen. But it’s also one of a homeschool mom’s most insidious enemies. No, I’m not exaggerating. Unless we learn how to overcoming homeschool morning blah, we will not have consistency and we will not be modeling the cheerful grit we want our students … Read More

SC039: Choose Conviviality

Season 7: Mom As Atmosphere Is happiness an emotion reserved for those who have an easy life? Right now I have a child who thinks happiness is a life without math fact drill pages. And, he’s onto something that misery is dragging one’s feet and taking three hours to do what should take one three minutes. However, cause and effect might be different than his perception. The secret of happiness is not in doing what one likes, but liking what … Read More

SC038: Mom’s Mood Matters

Season 7: Mom As Atmosphere It was about 5 years ago now that I deleted my old blog and started over from scratch, choosing the name Convivial Home for my new effort. A real estate agent promptly offered me a large sum for that domain, so I sold it and switched my name to Simply Convivial. I did not want to let go of the word convivial – though perhaps it is a more unusual word than I realized. Convivial … Read More

SC037: How to lesson plan so you’re never behind

Season 6: Homeschool Planning Some homeschool moms – maybe those with school-teacher backgrounds – have elaborate homeschool lesson plans – full sheets of papers full of ideas, notes, references, activities, and objectives. Many homeschool moms have no lesson plans at all. I have never been in that first category, but more often find myself in the latter. Even though I love planning, lesson plans seemed more like a waste of time than anything else. The truth is that a plan … Read More

SC036: Plan a Homeschool Day

Season 6: Homeschool Planning What, out of everything in the plan, is essential to make our homeschool day count? Because more often than not, at least at my house, the entire plan doesn’t get checked off. So what does need to happen, without fail? Here’s my version. 5 Essential Pieces of Our Homeschool Day Read the original post: 5 Essential Pieces of Our Homeschool Day Listen: Recommended: Clever Curriculum Connection: Latin So, I use a simple practice page for this … Read More

SC035: 3 Tools for a Sane Homeschool Plan

Season 6: Homeschool Planning It’s one thing to buy the books and supples, to make a plan, to create a chart and quite another to actually pull it off in a typical day. Days never go exactly as imagined, but it’s worth the time to imagine it even so – and the more you practice imagining it and planning for contingencies before the heat of the moment, the better you’ll become and rolling with the punches of a real-life homeschool … Read More

SC034: Secrets about Schedules

Season 6: Homeschool Planning Does the word schedule make you break out in hives? Do you picture yourself harried and deflated at the end of a day on a schedule? Maybe for you, like me, that’s a vivid memory, not a theoretical picture. There’s a lot of visceral reaction against schedules in the homeschool world, and I totally get why. I mean, can I schedule diaper blowouts and my doorbell ringing and the toddler pulling an open bag of powdered … Read More

SC033: Why make plans?

Season 6: Homeschool Planning We might think that making a plan and working a plan is all about the planner, the app, the method, but the truth is that how we think about our planning going into it matters tremendously. I remember very vividly being struck by a line of poetry by T.S. Eliot once quoted by Cindy Rollins: What I really, really wanted was a system so perfect that I wouldn’t have to expend any effort at all, I … Read More

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