Personality and Learning Styles

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Those of us educating young children tend to use the vocabulary of learning styles, though current research seems to be showing that most of the learning styles rhetoric is bunk. Still, we do know that children are different. We know that there are different modes of and avenues for learning. There is value in reading, in hearing, and in doing. I believe that some of what people are describing when they speak about different learning styles can be tied back … Read More

Is it easy to scan to Evernote? | Saturday Q&A

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Because you asked… When you scan things to Evernote, is this time consuming? Do you scan it to a PDF file and attach the file? I’d be very curious as to what this process looks like for you. I tried with a manual the other day and it seemed to take forever, and I had to try several different ways to get it to work.  It’s fast and easy, I promise! Listen to this post! SO036: How to Get … Read More

Know Your Child’s Personality Type

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Understanding differences in personality type can drastically reduce conflict and friction in relationships, and this is as true with our children as it is with anyone else. However, typing children is tricky. Personality preferences develop over time, as people exercise more and more decision-making and observation-making abilities. Children are developing, and so we need to give them space to grow and experiment and blossom rather than box them into labels prematurely. Though typing them can be helpful, we should be … Read More

Evernote for Homemaking Plans

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Over at Simply Convivial I’m in the thick of a series about using Evernote for homeschooling, and I thought I’d make a companion post here at Simplified Organization about household records and plans with Evernote. Evernote is awesome. It is my digital filing cabinet. Instead of lugging around a heavy binder, or filing reams of paper, it all goes into Evernote. Not only does Evernote save my documents in an organized way, it even recognizes text – printed and handwritten … Read More

Personality Matters: Understanding MBTI Typing

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So, I will admit it. I am a personality nerd. I am a total Myers-Briggs Type Indicator junkie. If you all clamor for the in-depth justification of why I think it’s ok to use and recommend the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator), even though it was based on Jung’s theory (and Jung was messed up) and even though each person is a beautiful unique snowflake, I can do that as the last post to this theory. But to kick this off, … Read More

Why moms need a weekly review

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A weekly review is a common business productivity recommendation, and a practice I encourage in Simplified Organization: Learning to Love What Must Be Done. It is a time to reorient yourself to what you have on your plate and renegotiate your commitments. You take some time and look at your calendar, make fresh to-do lists, decide what your biggest responsibilities are this week and then make sure those stay in front of your face so they can get done. Moms … Read More

What are the liberal arts?

I am almost done reading The Liberal Arts Tradition, but I know I have at least two more posts in me for this one. I feel like I understand the liberal arts aspect of classical education so much better now, and that foundational understanding makes it easier to make choices come spring curriculum-planning time. I so much appreciate how the authors draw out classical education as a stream with each section. They cover each liberal art (and everything else they … Read More

What to do with your brain dump list

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So, you’ve done a thorough brain dump and you have sheets upon sheets of notes, tasks, and ideas. If you still haven’t completed a thorough brain dump or you aren’t sure what that means, check out my free emails that will walk you through a bunch of brain dump triggers to get all the stuff rattling around in your head out and onto paper, where you can deal with it. Now what? That’s the big question I keep hearing. If … Read More

Homeschooling Without a School Room: Shelves – Simply Convivial

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The thing about homeschooling without a schoolroom is that I don’t want my house to look like we are a homeschooling household. I’m not at all embarrassed to be a homeschooler, but I want a house that looks welcoming and inviting and calming, not one that has timelines in the entry way or schoolish posters in the dining room. I decorate with books, but I don’t want to decorate like a kindergarten classroom or like homeschooling is our primary identity, … Read More

Homeschooling Without a Schoolroom: Tables – Simply Convivial

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We homeschool without a schoolroom. Like many homeschoolers, the kitchen table is where much of our work happens. We use our kitchen table, we use our dining room table, we use our couch, and we make due with the space we have. I could write up a great-sounding post about why we don’t have a school room on principle. Something about school blending in with real life and not being contained in a separate box. SC045: Organizing Your Homeschool with … Read More

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