Realistic Goal Setting: Interval Training

Often when we plan out our goals, we think in year-long chunks of time, either personal goals in January or academic goals in August. If you’ve ever done this, perhaps you’ve noticed that it’s really difficult to keep those goals. A cycle I’m familiar with goes like this: Commit to a huge life-overhaul, personal transformation sort of goal for the year. Go for it gung-ho for two or three weeks in January. Burn out in February. Forget about it in … Read More

Simplified Organization Video Tutorial: Homeschool Planning

I’ve got to say, that homeschool planning is a huge topic to try to tackle in thirty minutes — which probably explains why this video runs over a bit. Mystie, Chelli and I do get a chance to discuss planning a number of different layers of a homeschool year, though. Like any large project, breaking it down into layers or pieces is really the only way to go about getting such a huge thing done. So we start by discussing … Read More

Jennifer Fulwiler on Pursuing Creativity and Beating Overwhelm

I had the honor of interviewing Jennifer Fulwiler of Conversion Diary this week, and she shared some insights that I think are very helpful to our lives as mothers. It’s easy to start to wonder if our goals for what we want to do or think we should be doing are worth the crazy amount of thought, preparation, and work that it takes to make it happen. I hope you’ll take the 12 minutes to watch it; it is packed … Read More

Simplified Organization Video Tutorial: Remember the Milk

While I have learned so much from Paperless Home Organization over the past year or so, and it has changed many facets of my organizational life, one aspect of Mystie’s system that I did not adopt was Remember the Milk. It did not surprise me much when Mystie shared that Remember the Milk is the one app from the book that she gets the most questions on, because I have so many myself. This hangout is an effort to answer … Read More

Simplified Organization Video Tutorial: Mystie’s Daily Index Card To-Do List

In this hangout, Mystie and Pam talk about Mystie’s latest favorite organization tool: an index card. Mystie has been using an index card to-do list every morning for a few months and she has learned a few principles to make it work really well. Although most of her system is digital, the physical index card gives the benefits of writing something out, which helps you remember and internalize ideas, and it also prevents the distraction of the internet when checking … Read More

Ubiquitous Capture: Write It Down Right Away

When does the brilliant idea strike? When do you remember you’re desperately low on milk? It’s rarely when you’re actually sitting down, pen in hand, to make a relevant list. But if you don’t write it down right away, it’s gone. Hence, the need for ubiquitous capture. Ubiquitous capture is a term from David Allen’s Getting Things Done that basically means you should always have a way to write down, right away, any information you need to have rather than … Read More

The Living Page: Living a Liturgy

I recently finished Laurie Bestvater’s The Living Page: Keeping Notebooks with Charlotte Mason, and I loved it. I bought it based on Brandy’s reviews, and I’m glad I made the leap-of-faith, even though I am only a Charlotte Mason admirer and not a strict adherer. I think this book, with the history behind commonplace books and Mason’s implementation of it, demonstrates more clearly than ever that Charlotte Mason was not an innovator, but was making methods and practices based soundly … Read More

All of Life Is Repentance

Fortiter fideliter forsan feliciter, or Repentance part of the Education Is for Life series This series is rather ill-timed and ill-spaced. Honestly, these posts have actually required research of me, and a lot of thinking. So they have taken longer to write and hence are spread out over months rather than running for a week or two as I had originally thought. The series began while listening to Chris Perrin’s recent webinars on Principles of Classical Education, when I realized … Read More

Living from a state of rest

Cum dignitate otium, or Rest The Education is for Life Series This principle was another where I had to do my own searching for an applicable Latin motto. I could not leave out the concept of Leisure, the Basis of Culture, or Rest, or scholé. However, I had to laugh at myself, I started with a Google search of “Schole Latin motto.” Scholé, is, of course, Greek, and so nothing helpful came up. So, I discovered that otium was the … Read More

Daily Faithfulness

Festina Lente, or Faithfulness part of the Education Is for Life series This series was inspired by Chrisopher Perrin’s great webinars on the principles of classical education. One of my favorites so far was his “deep dive” into the principle Festina Lente. Erasmus wrote of this proverb in his Adagia: If you weigh carefully the force and the sentiment of our proverb, its succinct brevity, how fertile it is, how serious, how beneficial, how applicable to every activity of life, … Read More

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