Seeking or Seeming?

Esse quam videri, or Virtue The Education is for Life series In Christopher Perrin’s lecture, “Eight Essential Principles of Classical Education,” he talks about educational virtues, but for these musings of mine, I want to expand it beyond education and to our lives generally and broadly. While outlining this series, I wanted each of my principles to have a Latin motto, for consistency and parallelism and fun. Perrin didn’t have a Latin phrase attached to his “virtues” point, but Then, … Read More

The Simple Life.

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Multum non Multa, or Simplicity Part of the Education Is for Life Series It is true that education is a life, and it is true that Life is an education, but it is also true that education is for life. If this classical education we are seeking for our children is meant to prepare them for life – and it is – then is it not true that we ourselves – as mothers, as women – need this preparation? While … Read More

Simply Contemplate: Crazy Busy by Kevin DeYoung – Simply Convivial

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Ok, so I’m on a Kevin DeYoung kick. Crazy Busy: A Mercifully Short Book on a Really Big Problem is another short 5-star offering from the Reformed Michigan pastor. The Terror of Total Obligation: Calming the Crazy Man Inside That is the chapter title and subheading from which I am about to quote. We all have a cross to carry. But it’s a cross that kills our sins, smashes our idols, and teaches us the folly of self-reliance. It’s a … Read More

31 Days of Organizing Homeschool Stuff: Schedule & Chore Board – Simply Convivial

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This month I am taking you on a tour of my favorite organizing solutions. They aren’t likely to be hot on Pinterest or featured on a crafty blog, but they make life around here run more smoothly. Our New & Improved Chore Board (with Cloak of Invisibility) I’ve created a few iterations of a chore board over the last year and a half. First it was a poster board frame, and I wrote directly on the hard plastic frame. That … Read More

What Makes a Productive Day?

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So, last week felt like a rough, terrible week. However, the school checklists got done, the house hadn’t really fallen apart, and we’d had no major disasters. Really, it was a typical week. Why did it feel so bad? This week has felt pretty good. Even though I am definitely not getting to everything I think should be (like exercising), still most of the school was done and the house hasn’t fallen apart. #097: What is a productive day, anyway? … Read More

Classically Charlotte: The nature of children

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Previously, in this series: Charlotte Mason, classical educator Principle #1: Children are born persons Charlotte Mason’s second principle of education is perhaps stated poorly. Because of this statement, many (myself, for a time, included) write her off as a Victorian sentimental heretic. Her second principle states Children are not born either good or bad, but with possibilities for good and for evil. However, she is speaking here – as her development of the principle makes clear if she is given … Read More

Classically Charlotte: Children are born persons

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So Brandy of Afterthoughts is leading a study of Charlotte Mason’s 20 Principles of Education at the Ambleside Online forum, and even though I don’t use Ambleside, I very much respect and admire Miss Mason’s principles. So, I thought I’d follow their discussion and also work out here how her principles align with classical categories. Principle of Education #1: Children are born persons. Children are born as image-bearers of God, yet also subject to sin. They are not blank slates. … Read More

Miss Charlotte Mason, classical educator

This post was first published in 2013; find more, related articles at the end of this post. Given the definition of classical education we developed previously – that classical education is a set of principles that focuses on developing a love of truth, goodness, and beauty – I then give you this, from Charlotte Mason’s Philosophy of Education: One sentence, and that’s the real crux of it. What is the point of our studies? It is not to get into … Read More

What does classical education mean?

A label is a tricky thing. Just when you decide to take on an adjective as an identity, you find people including shades of meaning that you don’t personally want to own. For this reason, it’s common now to eschew labels altogether and call them useless and misleading. However, I think we should be comfortable generalizing and allowing ourselves to be generalized. One generalized label is classical eduction. Under that umbrella, you can find many different – sometimes seeming contradictory … Read More

Nerves as raw as meat in a butcher’s window

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Do you know that quote? It’s from My Fair Lady, when, after months of agony, Eliza & Professor Higgins are draped late at night in the library, Higgins still insisting, “The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain!” Eliza moans, “I can’t! I can’t! I’m so tired. I’m so tired.” #084: When noise rubs nerves raw That’s how I felt yesterday. In fact, that’s how I got to thinking about this quote and scene. I was loading the dishwasher, … Read More

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