5 Habits to Show Kids Love

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I’m not the most naturally affectionate or tenderhearted mother. As much as I do love my children dearly, it is hard for me to remember to show kids love like I ought. As far as Myers-Briggs typing goes, I am an INTJ, and one personality description I’ve read specifically calls out INTJ as not an ideal type for mothering. But that’s where I am and I’m so thankful for it. It makes me own my faults and necessitates my growth. … Read More

5 Sanity-Savers for Homeschooling Moms

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As homeschooling moms, our sanity is vital and often at-risk, isn’t it? Here are five strategies I have for keeping my mental and emotional buffer padded. Homeschooling Lists in Abundance During this month of homeschool lists we’re starting with the essentials, and even more essential than the book lists (which, I know, are quite important), is mom’s sanity. If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. And if the kids aren’t happy, they probably aren’t learning very well. We can do … Read More

5 Essential Pieces of Our Homeschool Day

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I love to make lists. I even have lists of the lists I have made and want to make. So, why not share all (well, some) of those lists during The Nester’s 31 Days series? Yes, 31 days of homeschool lists. It’ll be a ton of fun if you love lists as much as I do. Listen to this post! http://media.blubrry.com/mystie/content.blubrry.com/mystie/Whole_SC_ep36_FINAL.mp3 Plan a Homeschool Day Homeschooling Lists Galore The first list of this series today is one that you probably … Read More

Tips for a Better Brain Dump

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A complete and thorough brain dump is an integral part of both the Simplified Organization Self-Paced Course, and Work the Plan. Lately I’ve had a lot of people ask questions about it, so I thought I’d answer those questions together in a short video. Starting a brain dump list is the best strategy for combating the feelings of overwhelm and chaotic thoughts. It’s a quick get it out of your head and onto paper trick, not a structured list. When … Read More

Habits: The Secret for Smooth and Easy Days?

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Who doesn’t want a life that is smooth and easy? Years ago, when I had only quite small children and I had immersed myself in books on educational theory, I latched onto an oft-quoted bit of wisdom from Charlotte Mason: The mother who takes pains to endow her children with good habits secures for herself smooth and easy days. She’s right, of course, but also wrong. #099: Do habits make life easy? I copied this quote out I don’t know … Read More

Review Required: Weekly

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Regular review is the absolute key to maintaining a sense of organization. You have to look at your lists to make them happen, and that looking over is called a review. We’ve already discussed a morning review and an evening review, but the weekly review is where the magic starts happening. It is a little more involved than the daily reviews, and stuff happens during this time, whereas the daily and evening reviews are really just list-making and list-looking. What … Read More

Learn to Love What Must Be Done

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Many of us are task-driven. We want to see things done, accomplished, finished. This is what the world tells us is productivity. However, our life at home is not the kind of world where things are often finished. You might check off “laundry” for the day, but before the day is out, there will be more dirty laundry in the hamper. You might check off “make dinner,” but dinner will have to be made again tomorrow. Not only that, but … Read More

Review Required: Evening

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The habit of an evening review wraps up your day and brings peace. We often spend a lot of upfront time making a plan, getting it just right, getting the ready for it. And then, when the time comes to put it into place we start strong but quickly fizzle out. It’s easy to think that the problem was a bad plan. But often it’s bad habits, not bad planning. If we want to consistently work our plans, we have … Read More

Review Required: Morning

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Try as I might, I cannot escape the reality that having a plan is not good enough. I have to work the plan. It’s painful, but true. In a GTD set-up, the review process, especially the morning review, is the basic component of “work the plan” mode. What is the point in having a list, after all, if you never look at it? The key to making your organization work for you at all isn’t putting into place the perfect system … Read More

Interval Planning: Keeping Laser Focus

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Leverage the interval training technique in your personal life by setting up your calendar in intervals and planning goals accordingly. Planning and executing in short-term bursts is a great way to keep laser focus and high energy. By always keeping short deadlines and tackling manageable chunks, you can avoid overwhelm and procrastination. Make the Interval Plan The components of an interval plan are highly individual; always assess and tweak as you go to make it fit your own needs. The … Read More

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