Seven Laws of Teaching Your Own: Law of Review & Application

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Throughout my reading of The Seven Laws of Teaching by John Milton Gregory, I noted verbs he used as synonymous with teaching – kindle, give success, glow with truth, guide – as well as adjectives that he uses to describe good teachers – warmhearted, enthusiastic, skillful, sympathizing. In Gregory’s ideal, a teacher will stand at the spiritual gateways of his pupil’s mind. summon the minds to their work. guide them into the right paths to be followed. excite the minds … Read More

Seven Laws of Teaching Your Own: Law of the Learning Process – Simply Convivial

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What is a teacher? What is teaching? According to Gregory, the art of education — that is, teaching — is two-fold: Teaching is the art of training. Teaching is leading the students into paths of physical, mental, and moral fitness. Teaching is the art of instructing. Teaching stimulates a love of learning and forms habits of independent study. Thus, a successful teacher is working himself out of his position. He is moving his pupils not into but out of dependence … Read More

Seven Laws of Teaching Your Own: Law of the Teaching Process – Simply Convivial

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Learning operates upon fundamental principles, and unless we know them and follow them, we cannot teach. Gregory writes: Like all the great laws of nature, these laws of teaching seem clear and obvious; but like other fundamental truths, their simplicity is more apparent than real. Each law varies in its application with varying minds and persons, although remaining constant in itself. […] These laws and rules apply to the teaching of all subjects in all grades, since they are the … Read More

Seven Laws of Teaching Your Own: Law of the Lesson – Simply Convivial

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One statement from the book that I think summarizes his view well was this: “The work of education, contrary to the common understanding, is much more the work of the pupil than of the teacher.” Gregory’s goal is neatly contained in this paragraph from his introduction: The teacher with these clearly in view will observe more easily and estimate more intelligently the real progress of his pupils. He will not be content with a dry daily drill which keeps his … Read More

Making a Convivial Home: Lighten Up

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I don’t know if this has ever happened to you, but it has to me often. A parent relates a disobedient or otherwise disciplinable antic of their child, and comments, “I had to leave the room because I couldn’t help laughing.” Nine times out of ten I simply can’t relate; I find myself giving a blank stare or a forced “Heh, heh, yeah.” I almost never have that problem. With a small toddler who is cute but testing defiance, perhaps … Read More

Seven Laws of Teaching Your Own: Law of the Language

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The Seven Laws of Teaching by John Milton Gregory explain not only how to teach, but even more importantly, how people learn. We must be students of learning if we want to be effective homeschooling moms. Unless we understand the work we’re about day in and day out, we will be less fruitful than we could be. The world’s best work, in the schools as in the shops, is done by the calm, steady, and persistent efforts of skilled workmen … Read More

Seven Laws of Teaching Your Own: Law of the Learner

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John Milton Gregory, author of the Seven Laws of Teaching defines education as “embrac[ing] all the steps and processes by which an infant is gradually transformed into a full-grown and intelligent man.” There are two facets of this transformation: development of capacities and acquisition of experience, and one way we guide experience is by “furnishing the child with the heritage of the race.” History, literature, art, and science are all means of giving our children a rich inheritance of human … Read More

Seven Laws of Teaching Your Own: The Law of the Teacher

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I wrote this series in 2011, when my oldest was 8. How we teach our children is part of how we interact with and love our children, and make this life together work, so learning how to teach is worth our time as homeschool moms, even though our situations are different. Begin with the introduction, summary, and table of contents for The Seven Laws of Teaching Your Own series. The Seven Laws of Teaching Your Own The book is available … Read More

Convivial Home: Now & Later

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Hitting a decade birthday is a good time to pause and reflect, and though mine is still a few months away, I am pausing and reflecting. While I am in the midst of raising children, my parents, in-laws, and their peers are reaching milestones of their own: caring for their parents. It is now not an uncommon conversation to overhear at church functions: the 50’s crowd swapping stories and encouragement about helping their particular parents’ situations. So many different ailments, … Read More

Making a Convivial Home: Unrelenting Fellowship

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I mentioned previously that the Wilsons’ advice helped us get our marriage off to a strong start. The biggest and best piece of advice they gave was to never leave one another while out of fellowship. That isn’t that you can’t leave until you agree, but you can’t leave while you have unconfessed and unforgiven sin between you. The principle is not to let unresolved sin have any place or time in your relationship. It is a high ideal, but … Read More

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