CH066: Thoughts on Consider This by Karen Glass

Season 11 : Good Books to Read Yes, we pursue knowledge, but not simply for its own sake. Our aim when we are learning and loving knowledge needs to be acting in accordance with the truth we have discovered – wisdom being knowledge, rightly applied. When our knowledge is transformed into action, it becomes virtue, and virtue was the goal of education. Or, as James puts it, But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves. She … Read More

SO067: Family is For Fellowship.

Season 11: Attitude Organization Tips Keeping house or completing other projects are always means, never ends in themselves. They are ways that we serve others and tools we use to bless others. When we become cranky and angry as we work, it is not a sign that we need to repent of our work, but that we need to repent of our attitude. The home atmosphere is one tool for cultivating relationship, it is not a priority over them and … Read More

How to find rest as a mom at home

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We’ve all felt the exhaustion, the overwhelming sense of vague failure or defeat, the frustration of feeling like our goals are impossible. Maybe some women out there can manage, but we aren’t and cannot be. We need rest. We know we need rest. But we aren’t sure how. The only kind of rest we can even think of is a “turn it all off” sort of rest. Go away. Escape. Shut down. Stop the madness. And that’s pretty much impossible. … Read More

CH065: Thoughts on Living Page by Laurie Bestvater

Season 11 : Good Books to Read Here and there, what Bestvater often only hints at, is that keeping a commonplace notebook will make you a different sort of person: a Keeper, a noticer, a thought-connector. Bestvater continually calls this activity a posture; it is a liturgy: it gives space, perception, identity, and meaning. The act of copying is meditative and contemplative, and it makes the thought grow in you just a little more. Read the original post: The Living … Read More

SO066: 15 Minutes is All You Need

Season 11: Attitude Organization Tips Cleaning and organizing the entire house might be your project, but that’s not going to happen in one day. However, if you set aside 15 minutes every day (or most days, anyway), you can slowly but steadily move toward that object. Embrace the process, the incremental change that you move forward, more than the outcome. We can’t put things off until the perfect moment, because that moment will not come. Read the original post: Embrace … Read More

SO065: Choose Your Expression.

Season 11: Attitude Organization Tips Smiling comes naturally to some and less easily to others, but it is a simple gesture that can steer us clear of self-pity and a downward spiral and an act that is contagious to our children. They will catch and mimic what we model, so we should be conscious of our expressions. Consciously choose the emotions you display, and the outward act of the will can work its way inward to change your actual emotion. … Read More

CH064: Thoughts on Crazy Busy by Kevin DeYoung & Shopping for Time by Carolyn Mahaney

Season 11 : Good Books to Read But their actual point is quite biblical, and part of it is that God isn’t calling you to “do it all” in the world’s sense or even in our own personal mile-long to-do-list sense. The book constitutes a redefinition of “doing it all.” Every day presents us with countless options for how to spend our time. However, only some are truly great deals. Only a few things are really important. […] It’s frequently … Read More

SO064 – Resist Plan Perfectionism. Iterate.

Season 11: Attitude Organization Tips Reserve time every week and every interval for evaluation, but in the midst of the day, just move forward with what you know. The perfect plan is not going to be as helpful as the plan you have in front of you, put into practice. The day-to-day is for execution mode. Don’t wait until the plan is perfect. Just start with what you have, where you are. Read the original post: Iterate Your Plans Find … Read More

CH063: Thoughts on Mere Motherhood by Cindy Rollins

Season 11 : Good Books to Read If you are starting out homeschooling with a bright-eyed little 5-year-old – a toddler tagging along and another on the way – you eat up the stories of those ahead of you on the journey. When I was in that spot 8 years ago, I had my mom who had homeschooled 7. I also had other local older moms who let me browse their bookshelves and ask them questions. And then on my … Read More

SO063: Give Yourself a Motto

Season 11: Attitude Organization Tips When we recite a handful of mottos over and over again, and conform our choices to them, we more and more naturally live them out even when we don’t use them. They become the way we simply do things. The best way to form new habits is to take on the identity as the kind of person who … leaves places better than they were, smiles and starts, or doesn’t let a mistake or slip-up … Read More

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