Friday Winner!

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Last week we had a winner of a Third Day Naturals giveaway and the winner is… Crystal E! She wins the following in her choice of scent: 1 soap 1 lotion bar (full size) 1 sugar scrub 1 healthy jelly 2 lip balms 1 body butter You can still purchase presents for others (or yourself) from Third Day Naturals with the discount code SIMPLY20 for 20% off your order – now through the end of the year! The vanilla lip … Read More

Friday Five – with a giveaway!

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Happy Thanksgiving! Faithful Follow-through This was the first week of our extended Christmas break. We take off from Thanksgiving week through New Years week. Because we start in July, this is our half-way point and an extended break hits the spot. A couple of the kids will probably still do xtramath most days, everyone will still practice piano and do their chores, and we’ll have a brief Advent Morning Time so that we can sing Christmas carols and add ornaments … Read More

Friday Three

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Faithful Follow-through This was our last school week of 2016! Hard to believe. Next week we have the week off for Thanksgiving, then the next week is dedicated to a large church fundraiser I help with, and then it’s advent – mostly break, but also time for more music, some art, some crafts, some cleaning, and lots of reading. We’ll do a short Christmas Morning Time so that we have an excuse to sing carols together, but everyone will have … Read More

Friday Five

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Faithful Follow-through My latest innovation is doing the girls’ hair during Morning Time. I was rarely getting to it before we got started, but we have more “seeing people” days than not now and I really needed to bump up doing their hair on my priority list so they weren’t perpetually disheveled. It’s much better for everyone when hair is out of the face. So, rather than “try harder” I “tried smarter”: tie the task that never gets hits to … Read More

Friday Five

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So you know, all Amazon links are affiliate links. If you purchase anything after clicking, I get a few pennies. I only link what I use. Thanks! 1. Faithful Follow-Through It’s been a solid week in the books here, with a nature walk appointment on the calendar for today. It’s crazy how much can happen with short, focused lessons. In 3 1/2 hours a week – 1 3/4 hours, 2 days a week – we accomplish history, Bible, science, Shakespeare, … Read More

Friday Four

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1. Homeschooling This was break week, so there was no recognizable homeschooling. Piano practice continued, but there was much more playing – including programming time on Khan Academy. My 8 and 6 year old both finished their math books last week, but have an xtramath score goal they must reach before they move to the next book, so they both chose to do xtramath 3 times this week – and the 6-year-old beat the goal! We went to the pumpkin … Read More

Friday Five, with a winner (or two)

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And the winner is… Yolande, who wrote: I would love to win Mere Motherhood. I have been reading your blog for over a year and I enjoy its meatiness. After a season of survival homeschooling I am excited for a season of abundant life and learning! and Erika, who wrote: REALLY want to read Cindy’s book, but can not afford it at this point. Would LOVE to win this! Congratulations, ladies! And, if you still need the book (which you … Read More

Friday Five this week – with a giveaway of Mere Motherhood!

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Giveaway time! CiRCE and Cindy Rollins are offering for giveaway to two winners an autographed copy of Mere Motherhood, Cindy’s newly released memoir that I consider a must-read for all moms who count themselves in for the long haul. Homeschooling is really simply an extension of motherhood, and Cindy’s memoir is aptly titled: It is a mothering book rather than a homeschooling book. As she shares her story, she shares her heart and her hard-won perspective that those of us … Read More

Friday Five this week

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1. This week in our homeschool My literature class with middle schoolers starts next week and our group Elementary Lessons as well as piano lessons starts up the week after Labor Day – I feel like I’m holding my breath waiting for the avalanche to fall. When it hits, then I’ll dig out and build a snow fort, but until then we’ll plug away with Morning Time, math, and Latin. 2. Something’s up this week I’m back to interval “running” … Read More

Friday Five: summer term dwindles to a close

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Faithful Follow-through I started the week with a cold which turned into a sinus infection, plus our last two-week session of swimming lessons began. When I fell into bed Tuesday night, I realized I should just admit reality rather than fight it: Break week started Wednesday, not next Monday. We have a birthday this weekend adding more activity and work to the week, so it was just better to call that shorter, warm-up term a wrap and get in some … Read More

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