2019-2020 School Year: 6th & 4th Grade Plans

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Ok, so back to school year plans. It’s that time of year, right? It’s always good to remember that grade levels are a modern category without a correlation to reality. 6th grade and 4th grade are the grades that correspond to my middle children’s ages. I really do wish people would ask for kids’ ages instead of grade. It would be more accurate, if grades were a thing, to say both of them were 5th grade. And I do my … Read More

2019-2020 11th Grade Plans – Dual Enrollment Adventures

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My oldest son is no longer my education experiment. He has passed all his mother’s criteria and the state’s for starting college. Using our state’s Running Start program which allows high school students to earn college credit in high school. My husband and I both used this program and graduated high school with an AA degree. He passed the test to enter the program with flying colors and begins his first college quarter with English 101, Psych 100, and Math … Read More

My Homeschool Audit: 2018-2019 School Year in Review

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Note: This year I had a 10th grader (15yo), 8th grader (12/13yo), 5th grader (10/11yo), 3rd grader (8/9yo) and K-1 (5/6yo). Before planning next year, it’s best to step back and evaluate the past year. Often I’d rather just move on to the next thing, but if I want to make good decisions, I have to consciously choose to learn from my experience so far – and that means not only thinking about what I want to fix from this … Read More

5 Things I Learned in March

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Another month in the books. March was not quite a whirlwind – more like a, well, march. We could maybe call it a trudge. We kept on keeping on, refusing to give in to the temptation to scrap the entire plan, eat chocolate, and forget about everything. So, maybe I learned a little lesson in perseverance. I guess. #1 – Spring was hiding underneath the snow. We had late snow and lots of it this year, with it still coming … Read More

Email Detox: How to Empty Your Inbox

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Shhh. You can tell me. I won’t judge. I promise. How many emails are in your inbox?

 How many of them are unread? Now, lean in. Let me share a secret in return: email in your inbox creates stress. If you’re looking to calm the stress and the mess in your head, one quick (yes, quick, I promise!) and simple place to start is by taming your email inbox. Not only will it be a small win that helps you … Read More

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