Email Detox: How to Empty Your Inbox

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Shhh. You can tell me. I won’t judge. I promise. How many emails are in your inbox?

 How many of them are unread? Now, lean in. Let me share a secret in return: email in your inbox creates stress. If you’re looking to calm the stress and the mess in your head, one quick (yes, quick, I promise!) and simple place to start is by taming your email inbox. Not only will it be a small win that helps you … Read More

Your Calendar Is Your Most Important Organization Tool

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When you want to get your life organized, what’s the first step? 

If you’ve been around here for any length of time, you know the first step is always a brain dump. But then, once you have a brain dump that fills an entire notebook, where do you begin? What do you do with all that? Where does it go. There are 5 important bins you need before you can start sorting and processing that brain dump, but the one … Read More

Why is homemaking hard?

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Before you were married or had kids, did you think homemaking would be an easy gig? I mean, dishes, laundry, sweeping, meals – it seems pretty basic. But it doesn’t take long for reality to sink in. I often hear from women who say they were organized when they worked in an office, but they just can’t manage to be – or at least feel – organized at home. What makes it so hard to stay on top of basic … Read More

Choose the Right To-Do List for Your Personality Type

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Have you ever tried keeping a to-do list and just not been able to stick with it enough to see a difference in your life? Are you constantly switching planners, always hoping for the one that will work for you but never seeming to find it? Have you tried copying a friend or a mentor’s to-do list system and just not been able to make it work? You might be trying to use a method and system that is incompatible … Read More

Ultimate Guide to Homeschool Checklists

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Online Workshop: Homeschool Checklists Articles about Homeschool Checklists Our Online Homeschool Student Planner: Trello My homeschool teacher checklist 5 tips for teaching kids to use checklists Independent Work Checklist Evernote for Homeschool Record-Keeping Trello Tutorials Your questions, answered! Leave your comments, suggestions, and questions below and I’ll respond to each one.

Never organize alone.

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Organizing is very personal. You want your things and your time ordered in a way that works for you, for your situation and your own needs. You can’t simply adopt someone else’s system or someone else’s order and expect it to work for you. Life is too variable for that. You are the only one who can arrange your things to work for you. But that doesn’t mean you have to do so alone. In fact, you shouldn’t try to … Read More

Friday Winner!

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Last week we had a winner of a Third Day Naturals giveaway and the winner is… Crystal E! She wins the following in her choice of scent: 1 soap 1 lotion bar (full size) 1 sugar scrub 1 healthy jelly 2 lip balms 1 body butter You can still purchase presents for others (or yourself) from Third Day Naturals with the discount code SIMPLY20 for 20% off your order – now through the end of the year! The vanilla lip … Read More

Friday Three

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Faithful Follow-through This was our last school week of 2016! Hard to believe. Next week we have the week off for Thanksgiving, then the next week is dedicated to a large church fundraiser I help with, and then it’s advent – mostly break, but also time for more music, some art, some crafts, some cleaning, and lots of reading. We’ll do a short Christmas Morning Time so that we have an excuse to sing carols together, but everyone will have … Read More

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