Never organize alone.

Organizing is very personal. You want your things and your time ordered in a way that works for you, for your situation and your own needs. You can’t simply adopt someone else’s system or someone else’s order and expect it to work for you. Life is too variable for that. You are the only one who can arrange your things to work for you. But that doesn’t mean you have to do so alone. In fact, you shouldn’t try to … Read More

Friday Winner!

Last week we had a winner of a Third Day Naturals giveaway and the winner is… Crystal E! She wins the following in her choice of scent: 1 soap 1 lotion bar (full size) 1 sugar scrub 1 healthy jelly 2 lip balms 1 body butter You can still purchase presents for others (or yourself) from Third Day Naturals with the discount code SIMPLY20 for 20% off your order – now through the end of the year! The vanilla lip … Read More

Friday Three

Faithful Follow-through This was our last school week of 2016! Hard to believe. Next week we have the week off for Thanksgiving, then the next week is dedicated to a large church fundraiser I help with, and then it’s advent – mostly break, but also time for more music, some art, some crafts, some cleaning, and lots of reading. We’ll do a short Christmas Morning Time so that we have an excuse to sing carols together, but everyone will have … Read More

3 Easy Steps to Meal Planning for Busy Moms

By LaToya Edwards I have this problem: my children like to eat. I mean 4 or 5 times a day they are asking for a meal or a snack. I bet you have the same problem at your house. As a new mom I really struggled with getting meals planned, bought and cooked each day. I remember trying every single method of planning and prepping that I read about. I was so overwhelmed that I just didn’t know what to … Read More

Have a menu plan.

Organize your attitude #30 Do you know one real downer that happens all too often? Not knowing what’s for dinner when 5pm rolls around. You know what I’m talking about. And, yes, it happens to me, too. Do you know one real awesome feeling? Knowing at breakfast time what’s for dinner, pulling the meat out of the freezer the night before, and maybe even doing a little head-start prep while the kids eat breakfast. A menu plan makes those mornings … Read More

Friday Four

1. Homeschooling This was break week, so there was no recognizable homeschooling. Piano practice continued, but there was much more playing – including programming time on Khan Academy. My 8 and 6 year old both finished their math books last week, but have an xtramath score goal they must reach before they move to the next book, so they both chose to do xtramath 3 times this week – and the 6-year-old beat the goal! We went to the pumpkin … Read More

When no one wants to make dinner…

By Karen Dubarry It’s 5:00 PM. You’re tired. The kids are cranky. Everyone is starving. There’s no dinner on the table. What now? I’ve been there. Despite my best intentions to plan every meal and to use my crockpot as often as possible, there are evenings when I’m not sure what’s for supper and I really don’t feel like cooking. What’s a busy family to do when no one feels like making supper? Repurpose Leftovers Here’s a hint about leftovers: … Read More

Fried Rice Family Dinner, a home cooking “recipe”

The fridge is full of bits and pieces of leftover meals from the week, but no one is excited about eating a meal of leftovers – especially when there’s not enough of one thing to go around. Let’s remake it into an entire new meal that seems fresh and new, instead of leftover buffet! That’s what fried rice, a recipe in Simplified Dinners, is best for! Simple, homemade fried rice will remake leftovers into a great all-in-one family dinner. Here’s … Read More

Meals are for connecting: 5 ways to build relationships in the kitchen

by Christia Colquitt Have you ever read something that completely changed your mindset? The kind where you could not get it off your mind until you did something about it. I remember the day well that my mindset completely changed. The book Hands Free Mama had been tucked away in my closet for over a year before I gathered up the courage to open it. Why? I was terrified. I was afraid to go Hands Free. I knew my life … Read More

How to declutter your home

So you want to get organized. Where do you even start? To be organized means to be purposefully prepared. The best preparation for the work of organization is to declutter: declutter stuff, declutter life, declutter your head. Organizing starts with decluttering, but decluttering is actually a much bigger job than simply clearing out closets. Here’s how to declutter your home – and also your head. The Containers: Declutter your home & head Decluttering is one of those processes that makes … Read More

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