Meals are for connecting: 5 ways to build relationships in the kitchen

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by Christia Colquitt Have you ever read something that completely changed your mindset? The kind where you could not get it off your mind until you did something about it. I remember the day well that my mindset completely changed. The book Hands Free Mama had been tucked away in my closet for over a year before I gathered up the courage to open it. Why? I was terrified. I was afraid to go Hands Free. I knew my life … Read More

How to declutter your home

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So you want to get organized. Where do you even start? To be organized means to be purposefully prepared. The best preparation for the work of organization is to declutter: declutter stuff, declutter life, declutter your head. Organizing starts with decluttering, but decluttering is actually a much bigger job than simply clearing out closets. Here’s how to declutter your home – and also your head. The Containers: Declutter your home & head Decluttering is one of those processes that makes … Read More

Keeping an Evernote daily to-do list

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I’ve written before about the benefits of writing a daily to do list on an index card, but for several months I’ve experimented with using Evernote for my task list instead of a daily index card – just to see how going all digital would work out for me. I have gone back to writing out a short daily to-do note, but I learned a lot from my little experiment. Using Evernote for a daily to-do list and journal is … Read More

Write a daily note.

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Organize your attitude #22 How do we keep track of all that needs to be done? How, if we do track all that needs to be done, do we keep the most important tasks top of mind rather than lost in the sea of details? We need to write a daily note. The power of a little index card or post it note is in the brevity. It allows us to keep our expectations realistic and focused. Selecting 3 priority … Read More

Sixth Grade Plans | 2016-2017 School Year

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Second time through sixth grade for me! Sixth grade is the beginning of middle school, and Jaeger’s work will begin increasing in difficulty. A few of his assignments might stretch him, but I think it should also be rewarding – we don’t want just gruel and grind, we want challenge and reward. He’ll also get a step up in independence, but with plenty of accountability along the way. In Susan Wise Bauer’s terms (<—- I love that talk), he’ll be … Read More

My own homeschool audit – with the free guide!

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Friday was the homeschool audit workshop and we had a great time! You can still sign up and get the download and replay so you can work through your previous homeschool year and your own feelings and responses to what did and didn’t get done. Then, based on thinking through what happened this year, we can start working out solutions and strategies for next year based on our own real-life situations. I thought I’d share some parts of my own … Read More

Give everything a home.

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Organize your attitude #17 You can’t EHAP if things don’t actually have a home. As we start making plans for what to do over summer break, don’t merely add “declutter” to your list. Add “give things homes” to your list instead. Yes, we do need to get rid of junk we don’t need or use. But how do we know how much to declutter? How do we know when we’re done? The answer comes from evaluating the space we have, … Read More

I had a clean bedroom & I hated it.

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If you’ve been around awhile, you know how I struggled for years to learn the habit of making my bed. Well, first I argued for years that it was a silly, stupid waste of time. Then I wrestled with my habit of griping about it and all the advice out there to try it because it truly makes a different. I gave in, tried to change my ways, and found that simply deciding to change wasn’t the end. It took … Read More

Evernote for Home Routines

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There is so much to keep track of at home. Not only does everyone want to eat three times a day, but the house also has a fast trajectory down Entropy Lane. There are apps for home routines. But will we really check yet another app consistently and regularly? Do we need one more place to keep information? Whenever feasible and efficient, I think it’s best to consolidate into using as few apps as possible to manage your home and … Read More

Evernote for Menu Planning

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I know. Menu planning is a pain. I am all about the tips and tricks to minimize the time and brain-power we pour into menu planning. It’s something we need to do, something we need to become consistent with, but it doesn’t have to drain us or take an entire Saturday morning. Listen to this post! Digital Menu Planning We can streamline things and make it simpler. One tool I use to streamline a lot in my life is … Read More

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