Review Game: Hangman

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Like I said last week, review is necessary, but so many methods for review have problems. Some review is just regurgitating the information or going over the same material again. That might be review, but it makes the student tune out rather than engage and retain. Neither Charlotte Mason nor John Milton Gregory nor Gilbert Highet condone that sort of review. Some review is stressful and short-term. Most test-taking and pop quizzes add pressure rather than interest and do more … Read More

7th Grade: Real Life Report

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This year has been my first spin through homeschooling 7th grade, but it won’t be my last. Lord willing, I will have four others to bring through this stage. Therefore, this evaluation is as much for me as it is for you. Next time around, how will this plan change and how will it stay the same? Best to think through that now while the good, bad, and ugly are fresh in my mind. Also, the lessons I learned from … Read More

Why can’t the dishes wait for morning?

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Baked chicken. Glazed carrots. Roasted potatoes. I had put dinner on the table. Wasn’t that enough for one day? To get up and then face the collection of plates, cups, pans, utensils, pots – not to mention the counters themselves. Ugh. Soaking seemed to be the best solution. If the dishes wait, no harm is done. Really, I was being a better housekeeper for putting it all off until the morning. It would take me so much less time, I … Read More

Kids in the kitchen – a few tips

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Kids in the kitchen: “Mom? Can I make muffins for breakfast?” It’s a question that should be music to my ears. “Can I make dinner tonight? Then you could rest.” What a treat! Should I not be thankful, being in the third trimester of pregnancy, and, many days, in need of just such a rest? I have been blessed with a few older boys who love to create in the kitchen. And yet, I find myself saying “no” more than … Read More

Reading, writing, drawing, drinking, talking

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~ 1 ~ Nothing dispels January blahs like passing the final test in your math book and moving on to the next book! Jaeger conquered fractions at last and is basking in the glow of easy lessons at the beginning of Math-U-See Zeta. My sister is also teaching a drawing class at my house on Friday mornings, and it’s fun to see such rapid improvement in their skills! This is my 8-year-old’s parrot, with her own backdrop added. ~ 2 … Read More

Exercise, excuses, Evernote, and ex libris

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Better late than never, right? I hope so, anyway! :) I have a cold this week, and it’s been slowing me down. So goes the mid-winter season, I suppose. Time to huddle in and drink lots of tea. :) ~ 1 ~ This was our first week back after 5 weeks off from Thanksgiving until New Year. We had a rocky start, which is to be expected, but by the end of the week everyone has finally remembered where they … Read More

How to Write Meaningful Goals

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Meaningful goals that align with our responsibilities rather than our wishful thinking are worth the time it takes to make them, review them, and work toward them. It’s a common scenario, at least for me. I am in a reflective mood, thinking about all the ways I’m a slacker, all the ways I’d like to improve. I do my best to narrow it down to one three goals – habits to learn, results to reach – how about three of … Read More

Consistency, my word of the year

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If there’s one thing I hear homeschool moms lament over and over it’s their own lack of consistency. And I’m right there with them. There were the early years – before I was truly homeschooling – when I determined that consistency was going to be the one thing needed and by George I’d do it. There were the tired years when I was both pregnant and trying to teach someone to read and I realized just how fragile my resolve was. … Read More

The very best thing you can do for your grocery bill (and how Simplified Pantry can help!)

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by Tracy Grossmann On Thursday we ran out of half and half. Because I am allergic to creamer, this is my morning coffee essential. In essence, it was kitchen Armageddon. I had to get to a grocery store. There are those kind of items in every kitchen- essential items that, when they become depleted, warrant a trip to the store- true emergency or not. In my kitchen, it’s when I run out of flour, or milk, or – because I apparently … Read More

How to use Trello to track Christmas gifts

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Trello is a different sort of task management app. It is sort of like having multiple bulletin boards in a row with tasks on sticky notes that you move around between boards. You can name the boards whatever you want, add items to a board, and then drag those tasks around to whichever board you want. This makes it the perfect app to track your Christmas gift planning on. First, I set up boards with the different stages of gift-giving, … Read More

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