Welcome, CiRCE Northwest moms!

I do so wish I had been able to attend the CiRCE Northwest conference with the rest of you and chatted face-to-face.

Because I would have loved to be there with you and would have said, “Well, let me just send that to you!” I have collected several of my resources here that I think you will find helpful and encouraging and that I’d like to offer to you for free.

First, my ebook, Rejoicing in Repetition, will help you shift your mindset to embrace the dailiness of life. Enter your email address below to receive the download link by email.

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Summer is a great time to do a brain dump and clear your head of the accumulated mental clutter that drags us down more than we realize. Sign up here and get a series of email prompts over the next three weeks that will lead you through the process of getting stuff out of your head and onto paper and into lists that will help you.


I also send out a monthly newsletter called Organized Attitude, and if you sign up below, you can receive the first issue immediately.


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