Find your homemaking coworkers.



Sometimes homemaking can be isolating. 


It’s easy to think we are the only ones struggling to tame our inner-two-year-old and do the right thing. 


But you are not alone. 


Inside Convivial Circle, other members of Simplified Organization and Work the Plan share their common ground, common vocabulary, and common goals to spur one another on to more love and good works.

We’d love to have you join us.

 I love the Convivial Circle community!!! I personally need all the accountability I can get, and this group of women provide just that! We support one another, share ideas, and do life together in an online format. It’s great and I highly recommend it! Crystal Eubanks

Convivial Circle is a community of women, checking in on their specific, homemaking & family management goals with each other, celebrating the small wins and cheering each other on in the midst of the mundane.

After all, we know the mundane adds up to a meaningful life when we do it in love.

Convivial Circle is open only to members of Simplified Organization eCourse and Work the Plan, hosted on a private chat platform.

That makes it a safe and distraction-free zone to share camaraderie & commitment.

In the Convivial Circle, we apply our knowledge and make it happen in life.

It’s not about learning more, it’s about doing what we know.


Private chat platform you can access on any device of any brand. Our conversations and our people are the only conversations and people here.

Motivating and thought-provoking texts sent every weekday morning to keep you engaged in your work at home.

Twice-a-month “Convivial Circle Confab” email updates. “Confab” means casual conversation.

Monthly virtual member meetups with focused topical discussions using Zoom.

Small group “stand up” groups for accountability on weekly goals, with checkins every Monday and weekend.

I love how authentic and encouraging the Convivial Circle community is! Connecting with women who are working on similar struggles with home management, schooling, etc, and just taming our inner two year olds is so helpful. The accountability and sharing of ideas and support is so valuable! So blessed to be part of this group, I highly recommend it! Sarah Rooney

Find refreshment at the homemaker’s water cooler –
inside Convivial Circle

The software we are using for this is very no-nonsense. There’s no ads to wade through, nothing loud and in your face that is going to make you want to ignore it or feel drained by it. There’s a nice level of organization so you can chat and get accountability about areas that matter most to you, so you can narrow in on the areas that are most helpful for you. The best part though is the wonderful group of women who are part of Convivial Circle. They are helpful, supportive, encouraging, and in the same trenches where I spend my days. Amber Vanderpol

Convivial Circle is our member-exclusive private chat platform that offers community, support, accountability, and friendship, with over 100 likeminded women striving to
faithfully fulfill their callings.


(discounts available for quarterly or annual plans)

Enrollment opens again March 3-24, 2019